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Warhammer 40K: Lady Malys – Rising Archon of Commorragh

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May 18 2022

Today we study Lady Malys, once consort to Asdrubael Vect, and perhaps the future ruler of Commorragh.


Lady Aurelia Malys is a Dark Eldar Archon of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue. She leads her Kabal with a polite, if aloof and haughty manner that belies her great mind. Lady Malys, possessed of an incredibly byzantine mind, is highly intelligent to the point that she has matched Asdrubael Vect for wits time and again, and she is also amazingly precognitive. Her current position as one of the most successful Archons in Commoragh and her precognizant intellect may, in time, even overcome Vect himself.

Rise To Power

In the time before her ascendancy, Malys had been a consort to Vect himself, and had been remarkably intelligent even then. In time Malys became one of the most prominent members of Vect’s Inner Circle, particularly after the talent she displayed in the Panacea Wars. After a time, Vect grew bored of the distraction Malys provided, and banished her from his court. Infuriated, Malys and her followers left Commoragh for the webway. In the “wilderness” of the webway, Malys had encountered one of the many strange beings that inhabit the realm. The being banished Malys’ followers, and challenged her to a contest of wills, the victor of which would gain the heart of the loser.

Amazingly, Malys had won the contest with the trickster, and the being had dissipated, leaving an animate blade and its crystal heart behind. Malys used the blade to remove her heart, and replaced it with her prize. The Harlequin Masque known as the Veiled Path is known to have indirectly arranged this meeting to create an arcane bond between Malys and Cegorach. Malys returned to Commoragh, determined to have revenge on Vect, and began her slow rise to power.

In 345.M37, Malys led her Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue against Ork Freebooterz on the world of Graegus after the Greenskin fleets raided her own forces. Malys captured a Nob and infected it with a deadly virus sensitive to the Ork reproduction cycle. Malys dropped her new biological weapon onto the Ork forces on Graegus many weeks later, annihilating the greenskin population.


Against Vect

In 999.M41, Malys learned of Vect’s capture of Nulls in the Raid on Bakka as well as the instability of Khaine’s Gate. She feared that Vect planed to intentionally trigger its opening and drown his rivals in Daemons. Lady Malys, Archon of the Poisoned Tongue activated assets all across the Dark City. Waves of empyric energy rolled from the Eye of Terror to batter Commorragh, collapsing sub-realms and breaching portals. Bands of Kabalites, Wyches and Harlequins loyal to Malys or Vect engaged in increasingly bitter skirmishes around the Undercore. Oblivious to the irony that both factions were fighting to achieve the same end. Meanwhile, in a chamber filled with swirling madness, hairline cracks spread across Khaine’s Gate.

In the aftermath of Vect’s ‘murder’ and return Lady Malys took her Kabal into the webway. There she is content to monitor the events of Commorragh from afar, and plan her next moves.

Wargear & Equipment

Like most Dark Eldar Archons, Lady Malys is a swift and deadly opponent, and a ruthless and skilled leader. Although intellectual and genteel, Malys is very dangerous in and of herself. She arms herself with a razor-edged steel fan and a sword called “The Lady’s Blade”. Presumably the same sword left behind after her contest in the webway, the sword is semi-sentient.

Both weapons are very deadly in her hands. Though the Lady’s Blade is prone to rebelling and crippling her combat capabilities. Due to her strange powers, she and her company are immune to psychic powers and she’s precognizant enough to dodge weapons fire and enemy blows, or to stay one step ahead of her opponent’s strategy

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