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Warhammer Fest: Kill Team Moroch Brings The Traitor Guard

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May 06

Kill Team is getting a new set with Moroch. It’s Phobos Marines vs the Traitor Guard!

Here comes the Traitors vs Phobos Marines. Are you ready for more Kill Team?!

Kill Team Moroch Set

Lots of good terrain will also be included in the Moroch to add to your collection.

Militarum Traitoris – Blooded Kill Team (Traitor Guard)

The kit is a new set that has a multipart plastic kit for the new Militarum Traitoris (or Traitor Guard). You can build your models as “basic” troopers with lasguns or as more specialist veterans.


The Blackstone Fortress had a chaos Commissar and Ogryn. Those two models are back and will also be included with the set. We are pumped for the Traitor Guard and are hoping for more…

Phobos Strike Team

The Phobos Strike team has an extra sprue for the Phobos Marines for a ton of options to turn your troops into specialists.

This is a great accessory sprue addition for the Phobos Space Marines.

Kill Team Moroch coming soon…


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