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D&D: A Look Inside ‘Radiant Citadel’s Orchids of the Invisible Mountain

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Jun 17 2022

Journeys through the Radiant Citadel is about a month away. Today we’re taking a deeper look at adventure Orchids of the Invisible Mountain.

Journeys through the Radiant Citadel is right around the corner, giving us a new location as well as an anthology of new adventures. The thirteen unique adventures will be playable for a variety of adventurer levels from one to fourteen. And with a long list of diverse writers lending their voice to the project, Radiant Citadel has the potential to be one of the most original additions to D&D lore.

Today we’re taking a look at Terry H. Romero’s Orchids of the Invisible Mountain.

Orchids of the Invisible Mountain

We don’t know a ton about this game so far, but it is clearly an adventure written with a lot of personal experience and love. Romero reveals that the game take place near a tepui mountain that is invisible and hiding in plane sight. It is a place that exists where reality’s wears a bit thin. Sometimes the mountain appear in the dreams and minds of the locals even though it can’t be actually seen. This is a setting who’s inspiration is rooted deeply in Romero’s Venezuelan heritage and is meant to be reminiscent of the tepuis found in the Venezuelan rainforest. For example the settings will include animals that are specific to the Fey Wilds tepuis in the same way that real life rainforests and tepuis have creatures you won’t find in other places.

The game hook will take players into the forest to meet the anaconda god of the forest of the invisible mountain. They’ve been corrupted by an unknown force and it’s causing weird things to happen throughout their forest. The players must find the source of this corruption and save the anaconda god.

Galactic Adventures Ahoy!

Romero describes this game as being written to be very big and cosmic. The adventure has high, almost galactic stakes. And once the players get close to the end of their mission they go to a plane of weightlessness. This place is supposed to feel hopeless and like being in space. It shows what could happen if they were to fail and allow the corruption to grow. In fact, she almost seems to have a hard time giving a synopsis of the game in a concise way because in her mind the story takes place on such a massive scale.

Orchids of the Invisible Mountain is an adventure that’s full of real world mythology and imagery. This is a game that is obviously written from a place of love for Romero’s heritage and the tepuis she visited as a child. It’s an adventure that I’m endlessly interested in playing through or reading for myself. I want to see what the scope of this story and the universe around it will be.


Journeys through the Radiant Citadel is coming out July 19th with thirteen all new adventures. Like this one, every adventure promises to bring something unique and special to the lore of D&D.

Do you have your copy of Radiant Citadel preordered already? Is there an adventure you’re most looking forward to playing through? What is your favorite module or game to play through? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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