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Five Playstation 1 Games That Need to be Remade

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Jun 22 2022

The original Playstation sits on a very high pedestal and these 5 Playstation games desperately need a remake or sequel.

Each generation of video game consoles is leaps and bounds beyond the one before it. But when the original Playstation was released the world changed. Overall, it might be my favorite system. I’d really have to meditate under a waterfall for a week to search my soul for that answer. But regardless, there are so many Playstation games that rightfully deserve a remaster or sequel.

For your nostalgic enjoyment

1. The Unholy War

To be perfectly honest, this game is the reason I’m writing this article at all. The rest is mostly just filler. The Unholy War is always my answer anytime the question arises of “What’s your favorite hidden gem?” It’s absolutely one of my favorite games of all time, and no one has ever heard of it.

Plus it’s the game that got me into Legacy of Kain

The Unholy War is a 1v1 fighting game at its core. The combat has a flyover 3rd person camera and players are free to run around in the fighting area. Each character has Health, Energy, and 3 unique abilities. And when I say “unique”, I mean it. Prana Devil can lay eggs which spawn into hatchlings. Mantis creates a gavity well which pulls the opponent into it. Firewitch can fly and divebomb to create an explosion. Jaeger can fire homing missiles. Every character is entirely different.

playstation games unholy war

But on top of the basic fighting mode, there is Strategy Mode, and this is what takes the game from good to great. Strategy Mode is a turn-based mode with a hex map. Players spend money (called AUR) to buy units and activate special map abilities. If a unit moves next to an enemy unit, they have to option of entering into battle with them. And since each character is so different, the real strategy comes from sending the right units which will have advantages over the ones your opponent has.

The Unholy War is such a great game. It could do with some balance tweaks and additional characters, but overall it’s a great foundation for a game. I would absolutely love to see a remaster or a sequel to this actual hidden gem.

2. Brave Fencer Musashi

Brave Fencer Musashi is a game hat flies under the radar, but the people who know it love it. It’s an action adventure RPG, sort of. The key mechanic of the game is the player’s ability to steal enemy abilities. Each enemy has their own ability which the player can use by spending BP. And there are tons of different enemies in the game, so there are tons of abilities to play with.

playstation games brave fencer musashi

On top of that, the game is just overall really solid. The controls are tight and responsive and the gameplay is just great. The characters are fun, engaging, and voice acted! A rarity in 1998. This was a Playstation game that I loved as a kid and thoroughly regret having sold years ago. Consider the price point now, a remaster would be a great way to bring Brave Fencer Musashi to audiences today.

3. Wild 9

Wild 9 is another game you don’t see topping too many “best of” lists, and frankly, I’m not sure it is a “best of”. But that’s not the reason we’re talking about it today. Wild 9 is a great concept. You play as Wex who has a weapon that shoots a lightning grapple beam, basically. Once you hit an enemy, your lightning latches on and you can toss them around like a ragdoll.

playstation games wild 9

I don’t think Wild 9 should be fully remade. Instead, I would love to see a sequel. The basic premise is rife with opportunity. With a modern console, they would be able to play around with the physics so much more. Think of it like the difference between Portal 1 and Portal 2. Not in terms of hardware limitations, but more in terms of how much more they were able to do with the tools available, once they had a better idea of how to use them. I think a good development team could make something very fun sequel to Wild 9.


4. Gex*

Okay, hold on. Hear me out. Gex is not great to play now. It did not age well. The jokes and pop culture references are dated and pretty cringe now, if we’re being honest. But, the 90’s loved mascot games, especially in Playstation games. Sonic, Crash, Spyro, Bubsy, Banjo-Kazooie, and so many more it could be its own article.

Maybe I just really like Crystal Dynamics

So rather than Gex specifically making a comeback, I want to see that brand of platformer make a triumphant return. Aside from Mario, we don’t have any major studios making this style of game anymore. Maybe it’s just nostalgia taking control of me, but it feels like we could see a return of these characters and they would be embraced with open arms. It would mostly be ironically, but still.

5. Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen / Soul Reaver

The Legacy of Kain series has the best storyline of any video game. It’s what would happen if Shakespeare wrote about time traveling vampires. I’m an absolute sucker for any time travel story, but the Legacy of Kain series nails it. The plot, characters, story, and tone are excellently crafted from start to finish, except Blood Omen 2.

I definitely just really like Crystal Dynamics

There have been rumors and whispers for years of a new Legacy of Kain game. Obviously, they never get anywhere. But if the original Blood Omen or Soul Reaver got a remaster, that might just be the push studios need to start working on a sequel.

Author: Matt Sall
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