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‘Love, Death, & Robots ‘ Season 3 Review – One of Us

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Jun 4 2022

The animated anthology is back with new stories. Check out the One of Us crew’s Love, Death, & Robots Season 3 review.

Love, Death, & Robots. Not just a catch phrase I want to cross-stitch and frame in my kitchen. No, I am talking about the third season of the Sci-Fi, animated anthology series created by Tim Miller now streaming on Netflix.

Love, Death, & Robots Season 3 Review

Join Jena, Tessa, Marco and Wright as they discuss their favorite episode of the latest season. It includes nine episodes full of dread, laughter, insight, beauty, and moral quandaries. Episodes featuring differing styles of animation and some familiar voices! The only episodes that were the only ones that Wright has watched so far (He promises he will check out the other seasons). Find out who the gang thinks is the best robot. Tessa says Johnny Five and everyone else is just plain wrong.

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  • Wright Sulek
  • Tessa Morrison
  • Jena Perry
  • Marco Noyola

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