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‘Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Official Trailer Is Here

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Jun 3 2022

The next generation of pocket monsters is here with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Here’s what we know about the upcoming game.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have been the talk of the internet over the past few days with new information coming out all the time. Including yesterday when the official Pokémon YouTube channel posted the upcoming games’ three minute long trailer.

Overall, this looks like a pretty standard pair of Pokémon games. Which is great. We’re all still talking about Pokémon for a reason. But there are a few key things worth mentioning this time around.

The Starters

Most Pokémon games feature three starters to chose from who go through three evolutions each and act as your constant companion. Scarlet and Violet look like they’ll be following that pattern with Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco.

Sprigatito is a grass cat type Pokémon. They are attention seeking, moody, and jealous. But they also produce an aroma that can be therapeutic to friends or borderline hypnotic to foes.

Quaxly is a water type duck Pokémon. They’re serious, tidy, and loyal. They also have strong legs for kicking attacks and swimming, which you know is useful in Pokémon games.

Fuecoco is a fire croc. They’re interested in little aside from food and do most things at a laid back, possibly lazy pace. They also absorb heat through their scales and turn it into fire energy for attacks.


Character Creation

Pokémon has come a long way since the days of character creation consisting of an old man asking your name and then the name of his own grandson. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet looks like they will give players a ton of control over what their character looks like. A pretty wide variety of skin tones and hair styles will let players make a character that looks a lot like them. Obviously, this isn’t the end-all be-all of enjoying your Pokémon game, but making custom characters is standard in video games now. In the past Pokémon has been pretty light on the customization, and while Scarlet and Violet don’t look like there will be a ton of options, it does look like a step in the more customizable direction.

The Professors / Villains?

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will also introduce two new professors, Saba and Turo. And they’re surprisingly attractive… right?

They are also a lot more menacing looking than good old Professor Oak was back in the day. This has, of course, spurred internet rumors that Professors Saba and Turo may actually be the games’ villains. This would be a pretty strong departure from previous Pokémon games, and a change that I think many in the fandom would welcome. It would be an interesting twist, and consider that Pokémon has never been particularly deep or subtle, the obviousness of them looking like baddies and then being the baddies would work.


But we will have to see how that fan theory plays when Pokémon Scarlet and Violet become available on November 18th, 2022.

Which starter will you be picking this time? Do you think the professors are not-so-secretly evil? How many of the Pokémon games have you beaten? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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