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Magic: The Gathering Cards Marketwatch for June 21, 2022

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Jun 21 2022

Each week we take a look at how Magic: The Gathering cards are selling. It’s always in flux, but today’s highest spike is over 1000%!

Welcome MTG Players. Today we are taking another look into the greatest highs and lows of Magic: The Gathering for the week. These stats are courtesy of, who provide all the details for MTG pricing. These prices are Market prices, meaning they have been actually purchased for that price within the last week.

Dragonborn Champion

Dragonborn Champion is a Red/Green creature for 4. It’s 5/3 with Trample and allows you to draw a card anytime you deal 5 or more damage to a player.

Dragonborn Champion

Seems like someone was in dire need for a Dragonborn Champion since its 1330% jump in price translates to going from 70 cents to $10. Overall, the card is fine, but it pairs really well with things like Ball Lightning or Ruric Thar.

Aladdin’s Ring

Aladdin’s Ring is a 8 cost artifact which taps for 8 to deal 4 damage to any target. Outside of decks that generate a lot of mana really easy, it doesn’t see much play. Still, colorless sources of direct damage are hard to come by.

magic the gathering aladdins ring

Aladdin’s Ring saw huge jumps in price early to mid last year to upwards of $750. The current price hovers around $100. Older cards often are very cheap to buy and Aladdin’s Ring was $5 for a very long time, before finding the mostly stable price it finds itself at now.

Temur Ascendancy

Temur Ascendancy is a Green/Blue/Red Enchantment which gives all your creatures haste, and allows you to draw a card anytime a creature with power 4 or greater enters your battlefield.

magic the gathering cards

The real benefit of Temur Ascendancy is the wording. It doesn’t rely on playing the creature, so any tricks with creature tokens or flickering will also trigger here.

magic the gathering cards

Join us next week for another look at the greatest highs and lows in Magic: The Gathering cards.


Author: Matt Sall
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