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Necromunda: 5 Things We Want From ‘The Book of the Outlands’

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Jun 15 2022

Necromunda is getting a new major supplement with The Book of the Outlands. These are the things we want to see!

The Ash Wastes moved the setting outside the Hive and introduced us to the harsh world surface of Necromunda. We got a bunch of new rules as well as some new gangs to play with. On top of that there were rules for Vehicles and more in the rulebook — but not much in the way of stats or rules to actually purchase them.

What was in the Ash Waste Box? Check out the video above to find out!

That’s why we’re excited about The Book of the Outlands. At least based on what GW has teased so far there are things that are confirmed that we can’t wait to see as well as a few things we’re still hoping for. So what do we want in The Book of the Outlands? That’s what we’re here to chat about.

Squats, Nomads, And Vehicles

We know that these were all confirmed already. In The Book of the Outlands we are getting rules for the following:

  • Ironhead Squat Prospectors
  • Ash Wastes Nomad Gang
  • And “construct your own vehicles” rules

All three of these things have us interested. While the Necromunda: Ash Waste Box did have some info on building out an Ash Waste Nomad gang, Outlands looks like it’s going to have even more info both for lore and rules. Same for the Ironhead Squad Prospectors.

Cargo-8 Ridgehauler Rules


We got a tease of the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler but we’re really looking forward to the full rules for this Wasteland Big Rig. The Ash Wastes Rulebook mentioned different rules for Gang Construction in the Wasteland. You get an additional 400 credits to spend on vehicles — so we KNOW there are more options for this Rig. There has got to be tables of upgrades and options for this thing and we want to know what we’re working with.

Construct Your Own Vehicles?!

We don’t want to gloss over this fact. There are going to be rules for Constructing your own Vehicles. WE ARE PUMPED about this. It’s not clear if we’re going to have to base these vehicles off of existing ones from the Warhammer 40k universe or if we’re going to have free reign to make up our own. Personally, I hope it’s a mix of both. GW’s Vehicle Design Rules in 40k were…spotty in the past. I’m hoping there’s some sort of template system we’re working with here. I know that might feel a bit limited but these are gangers using Imperial scrap. They shouldn’t get Land Raiders with quad-lascannon arrays…

…Yeah. Not that in Necromunda, thanks.

I’m just excited that GW is expanding the ganger’s options for getting around. I can’t wait to devour all those rules and see what they came up with. And please have rules for adding existing vehicles to the various gangs. I really hope we get a Genestealer Cult Goliath for the Goliaths. I want to put a Goliath in a Goliath. It will be a Goliath Inception!

More Hangers-On


So we know that the Ironhead Squats are getting an exo-suit…what else is GW planning for the gangs in The Book of the Outlands? The Orlocks got their special Quads, are they going to introduce more unique vehicles for the other gangs? I sure hope so! Although based on the cover, I’m not 100% sure that’s going to happen in this book. Maybe we’ll get an Outlands book 2 later.

Whatever happens, I’m sure we’re going to see a few weird and exciting Outland Hangers-on for gangs to add. Is that creepy new Delaque Spyker in there? Hmm…maybe not this one.

New Bounty Hunters

Necromunda has always had a ton of really cool Bounty Hunters. I’m hoping that in the new Outlands book we get some more fresh faces. Or maybe wasteland-scarred faces? The point is the Ash Wastes are a pretty lawless area so there are bound to be Bounty Hunters running round looking for that next big score, right? Imagine the coin they could get from taking out an entire outlaw gang that was out living among the dunes raiding the Guild of Coin’s caravans! I’d bet they’d pay big money for that.

Who knows what Bounty Hunters could turn up…


What are you hoping to see in The Book of the Outlands? Where do you think GW could go next for Necromunda?


Author: Adam Harrison
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