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Necromunda: Design Your Own Vehicles In The Wasteland Workshop

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Jun 16 2022

Games Workshop is showing how you can use existing vehicles and more in Necromunda. Visit the Wasteland Workshop!

Necromunda is adding The Book of the Outlands as a new supplement very soon and with it we’re getting some new vehicle rules. These might just be the answer to our wishlist as well. In any case, GW is showcasing the new system so let’s see what we can learn!

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“The next expansion for Necromunda is nearly here, and it’s essential for any serious ash wastes gearhead. The Book of the Outlands is absolutely bursting with crucial rules – including two complete gangs, expanded vehicle rules, and a few surprises yet to come. “

Wasteland Workshop

The first thing we learned is that The Book of the Outlands will contain rules for using those really cool Genestealer Cult vehicles right out of the gate.

Wolfquads, Achilles Ridgerunners, and Goliath Rockgrinders are all going to be available for use in the Ash Wastes! I’m incredibly excited about this! I’m also a little curious about the Dirt Bikes from the Jackals box — I’m betting those show up somewhere, too. Regardless the whole Goliath in a Goliath is able to happen now.

You will also be able to upgrade these stock vehicles with upgrades. “You can turbo-charge their engines, festoon them with spikes, boarding cages, and boobytraps, or just bolt on extra weapon hardpoints. ” That seems like a very solid starting point to me! But there’s more…


Custom Vehicle Rules

This is part I was a little worried about. But it seems like GW did apply some common sense to their Vehicle Design Rules. There are some boundaries to work within and I think that’s actually a great thing.

“For a system that’s so flexible, it’s actually incredibly simple. First, pick a chassis size – small, medium, large, or walker. This will govern how many weapon hardpoints and upgrade slots you can cram on, as well as key stats like toughness, hull points, and speed. “

From what we can gather, there are 4 types of vehicles: Small, Medium, Large, or Walker. The base determines the starting point costs and the max Upgrade slots. So it IS essentially a template for the vehicle. The stats don’t change and it doesn’t sound like you can add extra slots — so there are reasonable limits.

From there, it sounds like there is going to be a big table of upgrades to bolt on. “There’s a huge range of stuff, from wheel scythes and extra armour to headlights, escape hatches, and plasma engines. Not to mention guns.” GW also calls out your ability to strap on any weapon you can find from the Trading Post — that means the limits of the guns are based on the Trading Post. Again, *whew* no crazy Quad-Lascannon hardpoints (unless you’re playing with custom weapon options in a homebrew thing).


The Wasteland Workshop rules sound interesting without being busted. There’s also one more factor to consider and that’s the “locomotion” of your vehicle:

  • Wheels
  • Tracks
  • Legs
  • Skimmers

The first three sound pretty common but the Skimmers must be found at the Trading Post and have a rarity of 10 (or 8 if you’re Van Saar).

GW also teased a picture of a Cargo-8 Ridgehauler painted up in Escher colors:

So I’m guessing that each gang will have the option to buy one for themselves. I’m not 100% sure how that’s going to work with the Guild of Coin as it was mentioned previously these vehicles were run by them. Maybe it’s just a custom paint job or maybe gangs can own a Ridgehauler themselves. Ruleswise, I doubt it’s going to be that complicated.

One final note, if you are creating your own vehicles they will have the jury-rigged special rule which just makes them more expensive to repair. Apparently, that’s what you get when you go full custom vehicle — and I’m perfectly fine with that!


The Book of the Outlands is coming soon! Time to pick up some GSC vehicles and go to town converting them up for your gang!


Author: Adam Harrison
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