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Star Wars: Legion – Bounty Hunter Updates and Previews

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Jun 2 2022

The Star Wars: Legion Card Upgrade Pack II is coming with changes to some not-so friendly faces. The Bounty Hunters are getting an update.

Atomic Mass Games previewed a few of the changes coming to some infamous Bounty Hunters in Star Wars: Legion. Today, we’re taking a closer look at their respective cards.

via Atomic Mass Games

“Bounty hunters have been involved with all manner of significant events in the Star Wars™ saga. Usually hired to capture or assassinate high-profile targets, they have also been known to accept other dangerous missions. Bounty hunters usually pursue their targets solo, but occasionally work in teams for especially notorious quarries. They may even be hired to work as mercenaries for powerful individuals or factions—as long as the price is right! “

Bounty Hunter Updates and Previews

Like A Bossk

First up we get a closer look at Bossk. Points wise, he’s going to cost 105 which is a reduction. More points to squeeze everything else into your list with. Handy because he’s got those 3 upgrade slots that need cards, too. He can also be hired by either the Imperial or the Separatists armies now. Furthermore, he no longer has Expert Climber and Unhindered. Those have been replaced by Scale. And the last big change is that he now has Independent: Surge 2.

The Card of Boba Fett


I don’t understand why folks like the bounty hunter that died to a mostly blind Han Solo when he fell into the Sarlacc Pit. And no, I don’t care that it’s been retconned in the books and now TV show. Whatever. I’m clearly not the target for this Bounty Hunter. But if you are a fan and want to run him in your games of Star Wars: Legion he’s got some changes.

He’s gotten Independent: Aim 1 or Dodge 1. That should help him to remain flexible even without an order token. His Rockets are also more powerful than previously with an additional Black die and the Versatile keyword. His boot spikes also got another red die adding to his melee attack prowess. The final noteworthy change is that he’s also got a comms upgrade slot. That’s so you can hear his screams as the Sarlacc devours him.

Bane, Cad Bane

His card says that he “Needs No Introduction.”

For 105 points for more room to add various upgrades to him. Cad also has another training upgrade slot now, too. Danger Sense got a bump from 2 to 3 and he’s got Independent: Dodge 2 for kicks. He’s also gotten a bump on his surge chart so that he can now push a hit to a critical hit. And finally, he’s not just for hire by the Separatists. He can now be recruited by the Imperial Armies out there, too.



Players can hire some of the most infamous mercenaries in the galaxy to join their armies with this card pack for Star Wars: Legion! The Upgrade Card Pack II contains updated unit cards for notorious bounty hunters Boba Fett, Bossk, Cad Bane, and even the A-A5 Speeder Truck that make them playable using the new mercenary rules introduced with the Shadow Collective Starter Set. Additionally, players will also find copies of the three new command card for use with mercenary units from the Shadow Collective Starter Set. Finally, this pack also includes a selection of 60 upgrade cards designed to help them get the most out of their mercenaries, including the new cards introduced in the Shadow Collective Starter Set.

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