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‘Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Easter Eggs – Everything We Saw in Ep. 4

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Jun 9 2022

Infiltration, interrogations, and the whereabouts of a few more Jedi were all on this week’s episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

A lot happened in this week’s episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi with a lot of references to other movies and scenes throughout Star Wars history. Here are the Easter Eggs we noticed and the details you may want to take note of.

This post will contain heavy spoilers for the entirety of episode 4.


The planet that Obi-Wan Kenobi finds himself on after waking from his bacta-bath is Jabiim. This is an outer rim planet that we’ve seen appear before as a location for some Clone Wars battles. At this point though, the planet is the final stop for “The Path,” a system of people helping force sensitives and Jedi escape the Empire. The members of The Path located on Jabiim also have a few key similarities with the Rebellion of ten-years-from-now.


Fortress Inquisitorius Only Has One Back Door, Apparently

Roken, Sully, and Wade from Jabiim agree to help Obi-Wan rescue Leia and along with Tala they devise a plan. Part of it involves Tala walking in through the front door in her Imperial uniform as if she’s supposed to be there while Kenobi jumps into the ocean and swims there.

This scene is riddled with Easter Eggs. Not only does he don the same breather he had in The Phantom Menace, but this is also reminiscent to how Cal Kestis gets into Fortress Inquisitorius in Jedi: Fallen Order. There’s no reason to mess with something if it works. But why didn’t the Inquisitors tighten up security after they were broken into the first time?



Leia’s Capture and Interrogation

Some part of this episode are hard to watch if you have kids or like kids or even don’t entirely hate kids. Third Sister interrogates Leia in a way that starts out almost nice-ish and gets quickly less so. It’s like she’s playing good-cop bad-cop against herself. And Leia doesn’t fall for it. She attempts a mind probe, similar to what Kylo will attempt on Rey in quite a few years, and the child resists it masterfully. How this isn’t a giant clue to the Inquisitor that maybe they’re dealing with a force sensitive child, I’ll never know.

This scene is also reminiscent to the next time we see Leia Organa captured and interrogated by the Empire. Only she hasn’t quite figured out “give them fake information to buy some time” trick. So of course, Rala gets mad and decides that it’s time to torture the ten year old. It’s grim and strange that the inquisitors are perfectly set up to torture children, until you remember that Project Harvester exists. Where they habitually collect children for various nefarious Inquisitor purposes. Luckily, Kenobi rescues Leia before any harm comes to her.


Jedi Tomb

While Kenobi is searching for Leia he finds a hallways of what looks like dead Jedi trapped in amber. It’s a little hard to make out who everyone is, but we’re pretty sure that we saw Tera Sinube, Oppo Rancisis, and Coleman Kcaj. Tera was a Jedi Master who we primarily saw in The Clone Wars mentoring Ahsoka Tano.


Oppo and Coleman were both members of the Jedi Council who we’ve seen a few times as background characters. The last figure we see is a youngling still dressed in the Jedi Temple robes and helmet. We’re not sure if this is one of the children that Anakin Skywalker finds in Revenge of the Sith, one of the children from the Order 66 flashback in Kenobi episode 1, or another child altogether. But regardless, this trophy room is a kick in the gut for the audience and Obi-Wan alike.

Did you notice anything in Obi-Wan Kenobi episode four that we missed? What do you think is left for the series in the last two episodes? Do you think we will encounter any Kenobi’s still living former coworkers? Let us know in the comments!

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