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‘The Boys’ Season 3 Episode 6 – All of “Herogasm”‘s Most Shocking Moments

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Jun 27 2022

This episode of The Boys was a turning point for the show and a lot of its characters.  Let’s take a look at what went down… beyond the octopus.

The fact that Herogasm was going to appear in this season was hyped up before it started streaming. So… how did the superhero orgy go?

“…any consensual relationships depicted, be they human, animal, superhero, or other, aren’t real, harmed no one, and in fact cost a hilariously large amount in special effects.”

Spoilers For The Boys Season 3 Episode 6 Ahead


Before everyone arrives at Herogasm, Butcher and Soldier Boy make a deal over a burger and benzedrine. Revenge on his former Payback team in exchange for killing Homelander. The two non-supes take V and head out to kill the next on SB’s list: the TNT Twins.

Over at Vought, Homelander realizes what the return of Soldier Boy means and has a meltdown in which he decides he must kill his predecessor to save himself. Black Noir (former member of Payback) ditches his tracking chip and leaves the building in hopes that Solider Boy will not find him.

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Homelander gives himself a pep talk in a mirror. This falling apart is not new, just the inability to hide it is. His psychopathy comes out full force while he’s talking to himself.

“dirty, shriveled, anemic little part of you that still mewls for approval, and love, and a mommy and a daddy. We gotta cut that part out of you like a cancer. Then you can be who you were always meant to be. Pure. Clean. Like marble.”


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They all converge on the twin’s house and into something they weren’t expecting.

The whole thing is more humorous than shocking. Lots of sight gags I’m sure Eric Kripke had to negotiate for (Amazon Prime Video isn’t a Dušan Makavejev movie). The show has not quite hit Oz or Minx‘s level of full frontal male nudity, but they’re trying. They’ve definitely won the genitalia as a circus act category.

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Shooting the whole thing was apparently very sticky and surreal. A lot of the actors became desensitized after the first day of shooting.

“Dotted all over the set are these huge bottles of lube as set decoration, but also dotted around the set are huge bottles of hand sanitizer because of COVID. So literally every 10 minutes you would hear someone just yell ‘oh s—!’ because they thought they were sanitizing their hands, but they just got a huge gooping handful of lube.”

The episode cleaned up and scaled down a lot from the six issue run of the comic (as has Little Nina, so far), which is not really a bad thing. Ennis pushes the bounds of comics into flat out offensive on a regular basis. The whole party looks to be consensual and the festivities only includes one of the main characters (with what seems like a consensual encounter with an octopus), which is not the case on the page.

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The Other Half

Hughie, on V, gets an apology from A-Train in the middle of the party. One that seems heartfelt and is answered with a super-powered punch to A-Train’s jaw. The fighting starts.

The hype for that part of the episode hid the largest fight so far in the show. Homelander, Butcher, and Soldier Boy go after one another with superpowers at full blast. It’s really well shot and choreographed given that it happens an indoor, small space.


This is the first time we’ve actually seen Homelander fight in anger and from a need to survive. The two insane men at the center of all of this, SB is just a weapon in this fight.

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As a result of multiple laser eye shots the house gets blown up, lots of supes get killed. MM and Starlight team up to do damage control.

A-Train drags Hawk at full speed down a road. Killing them both. His death was an interesting choice and one that gave him the dignity (kind of) that he always wanted and revenge. He goes out very differently in the comics. I’m interested to see how Vought handles his death in the coming episodes.

Komiko and Frenchie’s journey is turning into something a bit more philosophical. In the process of dealing with Nina, they’ve learned that they can’t escape their violent pasts. Where they go from here will define them. Life is not a musical.

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This episode was a turning point in the series. It has nothing to do with the  orgy. Homelander is threatened, alliances are breaking, and multiple characters are losing their minds. The battles up next are going to be damaging – in many ways.

New Episodes of The Boys drop on Amazon Fridays.

Author: Mars Garrett
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