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D&D Accessories: Bags For Holding

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Jul 25 2022

Every adventurer needs a bag of holding for their potions and scrolls and every player needs a bag for their coffee and game notes.

Unless you always host game nights, you’ll need a bag to carry all of your tabletop gaming goodies to sessions with you. Whether you’re the DM, an over preparer, or the party member who shows up with their character sheets, one set of dice, a coffee, and literally nothing else, there’s a bag for you.

1. Mini Bag Of Holding

This plush six-inch bag of holding won’t be able to store everything in your adventuring pack, but it is the perfect little bag for a set of dice or your mini. Zipper closure will keep everything put while the carabiner-style hook will let you clip it on somewhere so you’ll always know where it is. Every party needs a bag of holding, and this one is extra cute.

2. Enhance D&D Bag

This is the perfect bag for the type A, hyper-organized D&D player in your life. With tons of compartments and storage, there is a place for everything. Separated sections in the main compartment for easy book and electronics organization? Check. A built-in organizer for up to 16 minis? Got it. Spacious side pouches for notebooks, pencils, chargers, or any other small miscellaneous things you may want? Of course! Plus, a handy-dandy map holder for all of your rolled-up grid spread needs.

3. Made-to-Order Mimic Bag

Chimerical Dragonfly’s hand-sewn leather bag may look like it’s waiting for you to reach in for a book so it can attack, but I promise it’s just a very cool and mostly harmless wearable work of art. In D&D the bag of devouring has a 50% chance of giving you a nasty bite and pulling you inside, and the illusion here will be the talk of your next D&D session. Imagine the game derailing selfies! And to complete the look, throw the mimic dice bag inside.


4. A More Simple Bag of Holding

Maybe you want something a little more simple. You don’t need sixteen minis and a map. You’re more of a two books, a character sheet, and a water bottle kind of person. But you still want something cute. After all, we’re playing D&D here, it’s supposed to be fun. This bag is the perfect mixture of form and function with a large zippered tote, three additional outer pockets, and a fun design in your choice of color plus an option to customize with your or your character’s name.

What kind of D&D bag do you use? Do you prefer something organized for all of your books and accessories? Or do you keep it simple with just the bare necessities? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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