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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: ‘Shackles Await’

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Jul 5 2022

It looks like someone is about to get put in shackles in the latest Rumor Engine from Games Workshop.

Normally in Warhammer we don’t see a whole lot of prisoner taking. That makes me curious as to who would be wielding these shackles. Take a look at them yourself before we start theorizing who’s carrying them.

via Warhammer Community

“You may remember that we had a bit of a mess-about with the Rumour Engine last week, and may or may not have conducted a profane ritual in hopes of some clearer images. Well… if the amount of spikes, horns, and spontaneous screaming maws sprouted are in any way connected to the image quality, we might be in for a treat!”

Clearly we’ve got handcuffs that are connected to a collar with chains. Naturally all of these metal loops have spikes. At first glance I was thinking this could be a collar of Khorne — but there aren’t any Khorne symbols. My next guess was Nighthaunt because they do have quite a few models with chains and shackles:



I’m not ready to rule them out yet. However, I was also thinking about the Palanite Enforcer Patrols from Necromunda. They are the closest thing we’ve gotten to police and it would make sense that they would be arresting folks. The issue is that their motifs don’t really line-up.

Not a whole lot of chains and/or handcuffs going on here…



What do you think? Are these Shackles carried by Daemons? Undead? Or something else? Perhaps they are supposed to be used on Daemons or Undead to bind them? Maybe they aren’t used by the cops and are used by Witch Hunters? If you’ve got theories we’d love to hear about them in the comments.



Who’s using these shackles? Drop us a line in the comments with your ideas — that’s the fun of the Rumor Engine!

Author: Adam Harrison
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