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D&D: How To Be An Elf Without Being An Elf

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Aug 7 2022

Look we all know that elves are insufferable. But sometimes their powers are cool. Here’s how to be an elf without being an elf.

I don’t have to tell you that elves are the worst. Whether they’re reciting poetry in starlit groves. Or taking a hundred years to weave a garment of silken moonbeams. Or just, like their whole vibes.

But the problem is, they also have pretty cool powers. Whether it’s teleportation and extra magic, or accuracy beyond compare, or swift-footedness. Elves have a lot going for them. But so can you, without having to spend days weeping at the beauty of nature.


Fey Touched Feat

With this feat, you can be an elf even if you’re human. Specifically you’ll be a bit like an Eladrin. If you’re a variant human (or custom lineage) you can take this feat as early as 1st level. With it you increase one of your stats (Int, Wis, or Cha) and you learn Misty Step and a bonus spell of your choice from the Enchantment or Divination schools.

You won’t change your seasons with the mood, but by just being a little moody in different moments, you can.

Aspect of the Moon

Famously, Elves don’t need to sleep. Well, now you won’t either. All you have to do is become a 2nd level Warlock and take the Aspect of the Moon invocation. Or if you don’t want to bargain your soul away for power, you can take the Eldritch Adept feat and learn the Eldritch Invocation as a feat.


This allows you to suspend your need for sleep. Though you do still need to rest because everyone gets tired.

Even elves.

Lighter Than Air

Wood elves are the Legolases of D&D. They are light and swift. One of the biggest boons you’ll get for being a wood elf is having a base speed of 35ft per round.

Which is just a little bit faster than your average humanoid. Unless you’re an Air Genasi. They also have a base speed of 35 feet. And they get the ability to hold their breath indefinitely and call upon lightning magic. So you could play one and tell everyone you’re basically a storm elf.

Which isn’t too far from the truth.

Keen Mind


With this feat, you’ll always know which way is north, and how long it takes before the next sunrise or sunset. On top of that you have perfect recall of anything you’ve seen or heard within the past month.

Sure, it’s not technically an elven ability, but just tell everyone you know which way north is, stare off into the distance and say “yes, four hours of light left, we have to hurry.”

Nobody will think you aren’t an elf.

Shadow Touched

This last one lets you mimic the Mark of Shadow to some degree. You’ll be like an Eberron elf, with the ability to cast invisibility and an illusion or necromantic spell of your choice.

There are a lot of ways to be an elf without being an elf, what do you think

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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