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D&D: So That’s What Happens When You Roll a Natural 1 in Space

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Aug 31 2022

Dungeons & Dragons sent a Spelljammer and a d20 into space. Then they rolled a natural 1 in space. Even IRL, a natural 1 is no joke.

Spelljammer: Adventures in Space might be all about your Dungeons & Dragons characters having adventures in space. But recently, the D&D team took things a little more literally than usual.

Earlier this week they sent a Spelljammer, loaded down with precious cargo straight into the one place left uncorrupted by capitalism:


That’s right. Now, a Spelljammer and a d20 have gone up past the clouds. And you can not only watch the whole journey for yourself, but you can listen along to the Spelljams album, which is absolutely perfect for the trip. It all comes to an interesting moment when they inadvertently roll a natural 1 in space.

And even if you don’t watch the whole ascent, the background track is perfect to accomplish other stuff to.

D&D Sends a Spelljammer to Space

There are a few key details about the launch, though, that might go unnoticed. First the basics: the Spelljammer in question here is a Star Moth.


These are ships designed by Astral Elves, with crystalline wings and a surprising cargo capacity. They move swiftly, which is perhaps why WotC chose a Star Moth to carry a d20 up into space.

You can see it here. If you take a close look at the die face that’s facing the camera, it’s on a 16. Which makes what happens at launch all the more incredible. After jostling around, the die finally lands…

…that’s right. A natural 20, all the way to the stars. Naturally the launch goes off without a hitch.

Witness the Power of a Natural 1 in Space

And in fact, all the way through its journey, everything’s pretty great. You can watch it ascend higher and higher, accumulating ice as it pushes past the clouds. And then, towards the very end, this happens:


I kid you not. The Speljammer jostles a little, and the result is a Natural 1. You can watch it happen for yourself by clicking here.

And then, things go way the way they normally do after rolling a Natural 1:

Although, most Natual 1’s don’t typically have Reggie Watts accompanying them musically. Which, turns out, is a huge plus.

Happy Adventuring

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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