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Five Reasons You Should Be Excited About ‘Star Wars: Andor’

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Aug 5 2022

There is a like to look forward to in the upcoming Star Wars: Andor.

Despite a small delay, Andor is still coming soon to Disney+. The show keeps dropping new trailers left and right, and we’re not mad about it. With each one, I get more excited about the show. It’s hard to pick just five reasons to anticipate a hit Star Wars show, but I did my best.



5.  Andor is Set in the Best Time Period

The classic Galactic Civil War Era of the Rebels vs the Empire is to many the best time period of Star Wars. Certainly, there is an element of nostalgia to this. But it’s also one of the best-developed parts of Star Wars – at least in the old EU. It’s got all the classic Star Wars elements and icons. It’s always going to be thrilling to see shots of a Star Destroyer flying over a planet. Among the live-action shows, Andor is going to tie in the most to the Rebellion. And yeah, I dig that.

4. Imperial Politics

GUYS – the Senate is back!

Honestly, I’m kind of a sucker for Star Wars politics. And the Senate has always looked amazing. But more than that, I’m excited to get a little more insight into how the Empire ran and functioned. And how it was corrupted. We get plenty of the tyranny of the Empire and plenty of looks at people on the ground.  We don’t get a ton of looks at the day-to-day, and that has me pretty excited.

3. Saw Gerrera

I don’t know why but I just never thought about old Saw being in Andor. Of course, it makes perfect sense. So getting his revel in the latest trailer was pretty cool. Whittaker did a great job with him in Rogue One. That being said, we got very little of him in that movie. As a result, I’m very excited to see the character get a lot more screen time. This is yet another reason to be excited for Andor.



2. Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma is a major figure in Star Wars. One of the founders, and generally considered the leader of the Rebellion, she may be more than any (non-Skywalker) instrumental in restoring the Republic. And yet we’ve never really seen much of her story. She’s shown up in various properties as a side character, but we don’t know a ton about her. I’m pretty excited to see more of her and get to see what makes her tick.

Speaking of other properties, she also provides an important link to Rebels.  While we don’t 100% know when Andor is set, we do have some clues thanks to her. Assuming that the Rebels timeline is staying canon, we know Andor takes place before the end of season 3 of Rebels. That’s when Mon Mothma goes on the run and leaves the Senate. This takes place in BBY2, two years before A New Hope. It also means Andor and Rebels potentially take place at the same time. We could get some Rebels crossovers.

1. Andor is Rebels 2.0

Image courtesy of Empire Magazine.

I think it’s pretty clear that if Star Wars: Rebels wasn’t already as show, this one would be called Rebels. Despite being called Andor, the show is clearly about more than just the one spy. This show is set up to follow a number of characters and tell the story of the start of the Rebellion. I don’t know about you, but this is all stuff I’m super excited to see in live action.

Let us know why you’re excited for ‘Andor’ down in the comments! 


Author: Abe Apfel
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