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MTG: Cancer Lands Secret Lair – Giant Crab On The Plains

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Aug 1 2022

Cancer is typically a water sign, but in Magic: the Gathering’s new Cancer Lands Secret lair, they’re actually plains.

Magic: the Gathering’s latest Astrology Lands is up for pre-order. And though we’re square in the middle of Leo season, it’s Cancer. Which means historically accurate giant enemy crabs for everyone.

But if there’s one thing anyone loves it’s a big crab. Which is exactly what you’ll get in the Secret Lair set. If you want a suite of lands to represent your birth sign, these ones have got your number.

Although if you were expecting an island, you’ve got another thing coming to you. Cancer is plains, baybee, which makes sense. After all, it seems like Cancers would be the sort of people to have banding and lifelink.

MTG Cancer Lands Secret Lair Bundles

Celebrate your sign! Be it sun, moon, or rising, let the world know: you’re a Cancer. Each bundle contains five drops, each containing five copies of an awesome astrological Plains by Jeanne D’Angelo.  

Not your sign? Keep your eyes peeled. We’re adding a new basic land representing a new sign every month—and they’ll all be available until the end of 2022! 

There are four different bundles altogether. First up are just the plain Astrology Lands: Cancer packs, which come in foil or not. Each of these has five full-art plains, with your signature crab. They’ll run either $29.99 or $39.99 depending on how shiny and metallic you like your cards.


But if you’d like enough lands to build a deck around? You’ll want the Astrology Lands bundle. These come with five sets of five astrological plains each. So you’ll get 25 plains all in all.

And they can be foil or non-foil, and will run you $119.99 or $159.99, depending again on your shininess preferences.

Now when someone asks you your sign, you can bust out your monowhite aggro deck and burn ’em down for daring to ask

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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