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Necromunda: Psychic Ogryn, Escher Vehicles, A New Expansion – Oh My!

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Aug 5 2022

Necromunda has a free scenario download and an upcoming expansion that teases out some major lore changes ahead.

The Great Rift has made its impact felt across the Grimdark Galaxy and now Necromunda is feeling the repercussions. Games Workshop dropped two updates for the Hiveworld. First up, we get a look at a free download scenario you can try out right now.

via Warhammer Community

“…we wanted to explore how and why the denizens of the wastes might venture into Necromunda’s hive cities, allowing players to test their Ironhead Squats – Exo-Driller included – in the winding tunnels of the underhive. The Squats don’t get all the fun, though, as their underhive Outcast foe gets to try out something born of the insanity for which Necromunda is so well known – a psychic Ogryn!”

This particular scenario follows the journey of a Squat Ironhead Prospector and his uh…”adventures” to the Underhive. You can read all about it from the Lore Section and when you’re ready to play the new scenario you’ll find rules for that, too.

Download The Lost Charter Here

And yes, it does have an Awakened Ogryn as an option to add to gangs!


New Narrative Expansion – Ciderak Burning

Games Workshop also announced a new Narrative Expansion for Necromunda with The Aranthian Succession: Cinderak Burning coming soon. This expansion follows up on the events post Great Rift and how an attempted assassination attempt on Lord Helmawr has upended the “peace” on Necromunda. There’s roughly 50 pages of lore dedicated to how the “Nobles, Clans, Guilds, rebels, mutants, cults, nomads, outcasts,” and more have started in on this power vacuum.

But that’s not all. There’s also this little tidbit of info to chew on as well:

“This book also contains extended rules for Escher and Goliath gangs, including unique vehicles and petrol-head gang tactics, as well as new Dramatis Personae straight from the unfolding narrative, such as Lady Haera, the 13th Daughter of Lord Helmawr, who wields terrifyingly arcane weaponry from an earlier age.”

Well, well, well! We knew the Goliath Gang was getting access to their Mauler:


Now it sounds like GW might be hinting at a new Escher vehicle as well. I mean we had hoped that each of the gangs would get their own vehicles to roam the Ash Wastes in. It sure sounds like that is happening!

This expansion is also “the first chapter The Aranthian Succession,” so there’s more of that on the way. Furthermore, GW is teasing that this could “change the face of Necromunda forever.” So that’s got our interest for sure. Necromunda: Ash Wastes kicked off exploration outside of the Hives and the House books really delved into the history of each of the houses. The last few years have been a good time for fans of Necromunda and it seems like GW has even more planned for the game world in the future!

This could be the foundations of a BIG shift for Necromunda!

Author: Adam Harrison
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