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Total War: Warhammer 3 – Vilitch The Curseling, A Twisted Twin Empowered By Tzeentch

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Aug 2 2022

A new Chaos champion is unveiled: come and meet Vilitch the Curesling, the Twisted Twin. Spells, swords, they do it all!

Tzeentch is the herald of Change. He’s the master of the arcane, and knower of destinies. And his newest champion is a “living manifestation of Tzeentch’s twisted delight in anarchy.” Vilitch the Curseling is a sorcerer-twin.

Which means that they’re actually two beings. They are a sorcerer, frail and warped, fused with their twin warrior brother, which gives Vilitch baleful power as well as diabolic strength.

Vilitch The Curseling – Sorcerer, Warrior, And Champion of Tzeentch

The chaotic fusion of warrior and wizard makes Vilitch a force to be reckoned with upon the battlefields of The Old World, as they are both a formidable melee and spellcasting Lord of Tzeentch. Their passive ability, The Twisted Twin, increasingly raises their spell mastery, melee defence, and melee attack the longer they’re in close combat or casting spells.

You know things are getting good whenever Tzeentch hatches a scheme. And when that comes to fruition in the form of a new legendary lord? It’s even better.

Vilitch the Curseling brings a lot to any Tzeentchian army. They combine the awesome power of Chaos with the brute strength of Chaos. So it’s really twice the Chaos for effectively half the price.

On the battlefield, Vilitch makes for an interesting hero. They are both a melee warrior and a spellcasting lord. And their passive ability buffs both of these the longer they’re going in either mode.

  • Steal +15% of the experience earned by other Lords
  • Passive ability: The Twisted Twin
  • Teleport stance usage cost: -25% Winds of Magic (Lord’s Army)

Which means you’ll want to keep building towards an inevitable change (just as Tzeentch planned).

In terms of their army, they bring some powerful faction effects to the table:

  • Vassals gain increased barrier hit points and spread Tzeentch’s corruption
  • Has access to Changing of the Ways
  • Forces receive benefits for having high Winds of Magic
  • Converts a portion of own battle casualties into Souls
  • Has access to the Tzeentch teleport stance

What will the Winds of Magic bring next week?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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