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Warhammer 40K: 5 ‘Kill Teams’ We Wish Were Entire Armies

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Aug 20 2022
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Kill Team has a had a lot of expansions with their own unique Kill Teams. Now we kind of want entire armies based on a few of them.

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is a great skirmish game on it’s own. It’s a perfect game you can play as bit of a side game because anyone with a 40k army can throw together a Kill Team and start playing. Seriously, just grab the Kill Team Annual when that comes out and read-up on the core rules.

Anyhow, that also got us thinking about how there are a ton of really cool and unique Kill Teams that were kind of “one shot” forces. That also got us thinking “man, it would be really cool to see these lines get expanded on and turned into full armies in the future.” Here’s a few examples of what we were looking at.



The Kroot have a new Kill Team coming and they are looking awesome. Look, we know they can be taken in a T’au army. That’s fine. But we’re hoping that maybe one day the Kroot Mercs can get their own book with their own rules. Probably won’t happen because they are a part of the T’au army and that could be a little odd lore-wise if they suddenly broke off. But maybe the T’au need more allies as faction. It’s for the Greater Good!

Traitor Guard

Seriously. GW is just teasing us at this point. Not only did we have the fancy new ones from Kill Team. but we also had similar models from Blackstone Fortress:


C’mon…I mean, seriously GW — C’MON! Give the people what they want! And they want more Heretics in the form of a full on Traitor Guard army. And speaking of Guard…

Death Korps of Krieg

I know, technically, “the Death Korps are already part of the Astra Militarum and blah, blah, blah… ” Look, we got 1 squad of badass Krieg Models and we want more of them. They had a bunch of Forge World releases that were resin and that’s fine. But we’d love to see this Astra Militarum Sub-faction get a full on rework and add them to the line. We want them to get the full Cadian treatment is what we’re saying. And maybe a vehicle upgrade pack to make their vehicles more Krieg-like.

Rogue Traders

I don’t know how this army would work or if it would be different enough from an Astra Militarum army to warrant a full scale release. But we’re just spitballing here — It would be great to see more models from this same aesthetic if nothing else. Personally, I think a Rogue Trader army would look a lot like a Guard Army but with some very specific HQ and Elite options. Maybe they could even borrow some units from other various Imperial factions. You’d have to tone down the rule-crossovers but they could be the glue that allows you to form some really cool alliances in a single army.

Now that I write that, I’m thinking about how busted that could be. An Imperial army where you just cherry pick units from whatever Imperial faction. Yeah…maybe don’t go that route. Still, more Rogue Traders would be cool.

More Gellerpox Infected


They are followers of Nurgle so you could make the argument that they are already part of that army. But they are also not quite a full Nurgle thing. Plus, it’s kind of a funky batch of units. We just got the Chaos Mutants with the new Chaos Space Marine book, too. That said, the Gellerpox still feels like an orphan Kill Team. It’s got bits of all those other factions but it’s not really part of any of them. I don’t know how that would work with more of them as an army — I just know the models are crazy and I’d like to see more from them.

Do you have any specific Kill Teams you wish were developed into a full army?

Author: Adam Harrison
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