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Warhammer 40K: Chaos Daemons Rumors – Psychic Disciplines Edition

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Aug 4 2022

There’s another big set of rumors doing the rounds on the Chaos Daemons – this time focussing on the psychic disciplines of the ruinous powers.

Rumors have been all over the places these last few years. In 8th Edition of Warhammer 40K, rumors pretty much entirely died off. Then they very slowly started to come back in little spurts now and again. Since the beginning of 2022, something has changed and rumors have come back in force – in a level not seen in over 5 years!

Here’s the latest set of rumors from YouTube, Dakka and B&C that have been doing the rounds of late.

I presenting these as is – take them with a big heaping of salt. Still, we now have 5 sets of rumors that specifically is talking about Chaos Daemons. It will be useful to note purely as a placeholder to compare to later rumors and actual releases. We also now have the official GW unveiling of the Chaos Daemons Codex cover.

Rumor Dump 1 & 2 (via YouTube / Collated by B&C) – July 11,14 2022


Rumor Dump 3 (via 40K Reddit & Discord) – July 19, 2022

Warp Locus

” Happy Monday ya filthy heretics. A few keen eyed individuals (most everyone) had noticed the “Warp Locus” keyword on certain CSM units (Maater of Posession, Khorne Lord of Skulls). Well I’m here to tell you at least part of what it does. As you may have heard, you will be able to deepstrike Daemons for free–but that’s not all! When in the Warp these daemons gain special deepstrike rules.

They can deepstrike as normal, or if you set them up wholly within 6″ of a Warp Locus unit, they can be set up just outside 6″ from enemy units! (Instead of 9″). If you have allegiances you gotta stick with your friends. Warp Locus isn’t a particularly common keyword, but an important lynchpin to enable brutal strategies.


No longer are you shelling out 2 or 3 cp to get a virtually gaurenteed charge with Bloodletters. I mean you will still be able to enhance charges in other ways, but now the floor is much higher. Looking to counter or stop your enemy from dropping hell on your doorstep? You’ll want to remove enemy Warp Locus models as efficiently as you can. But that certainly won’t be simple in most cases. The cool news is that deepstriking via the Warp has some other interesting rules if you’re pure Daemons that make it even more appealing; those fighting daemons should generally stay out of daemonic territory, and keep a good sense of leadership.

That’s it for that. A good mechanic to keep in mind as you read any upcoming information. I think it offers some good counter play, while also enabling some of the most reliable charges in the game. [PSA: As always understand things can change before release. So salt it a bit. ”


Rumor Dump 4 (via 40K Reddit & Discord) – July 25, 2022


“Time for the angriest of Daemons – Skarbrand!

As is appropriate for Skarbrand, his damage output has gone from “middling” to “through the roof”. His bellow has quite literally doubled in potency, and at top profile you get the choice between 9 attacks at S16 ap-4 D3+3 damage ignoring invulns or a whopping 18 at s8 ap-2 d2. His “rage embodied” also remains the same as ever, though the range has shortened a tad to only 6″.


The beast is no slouch durability wise either – with 20 wounds, t8, and a 4+ save in both melee and shooting, he’s far from easy to take down, but if you’re still worried just feel free to deep strike him – everyone in daemons can do that, remember?

Oh yeah one other thing – he’s a Warp Locus.”

Rumor Dump 5 (via B&C & Discord) – August 1, 2022

Chaos Daemons Psychic Disciplines

“Here’s some insight into psychic goodness from our daemonic friends. A few tidbits:


Treason of Tzeentch has an entirely new purpose. No more mind controlling your opponent’s unit/model to fight for you. It’s now an effect that exists elsewhere in the game, but isn’t terribly common.

Gaze of Fate is no longer a free reroll, but now interacts with Warp Storm Points in an interesting way.


The Slaanesh discipline is (imho) almost all good stuff. Fighting in the psychic phase is gone, true, but most all of these spells have a time and a place they want to be used.



Khorne, obviously does not have psychic powers.

Sample Spells

That said here’s a brief sampling from Tzeentch and Slaanesh (edit: and nurgle). Please note again that the wording on some of these is not final, and we may see changes between now and release.

Two Tzeentch Spells
Bolt of Change (7): Choose a unit within 12″ and visible to the caster, roll 9d6. Each 5+ is a mortal, for each model killed that unit takes an additional mortal wound.

Infernal Gateway (8): The closest enemy within 12″ and every enemy within 3″ of them takes d3 mortals. On a 12+ they all take 3mw.

Two Slaanesh Spells
Symphony of Pain (7): Choose a visible enemy unit within 18″, they have -1 to hit and -1 to wound in melee

Hysterical Frenzy (7):  Slaanesh CORE unit within 18″ gets +1A and exploding 6s in melee.

Two Nurgle Spells
Nurgle’s Rot (7): Roll 2d6 for each enemy unit within 6″ – if you beat their toughness, they take d3 mortals. If you double their toughness, they take d6 mw.

Miasma of Pestilence (8): Pick an enemy unit within 18″, it cannot preform actions, any actions it is currently performing fail, and it loses obsec.”



~What do you think? As always – Caveat Emptor…

Author: Larry Vela
  • Warhammer 40K: Creation of a Space Marine