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Warhammer 40K: Kill Team – Kroot Tracker Rules Preview

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Aug 1 2022

Today we’re getting our first look at the rules for the Kroot Farstalker Kinband with a look at their Tracker.

We knew that the Kroot were making an appearance in Kill Team thanks to the Summer Skirmish Preview. Now we’re getting a taste of the Kroot rules thanks to their Tracker. Let’s see what they can do for their Kill Team!

via Warhammer Community


“The Kroot Tracker raised this brave little fella from an egg, creating a deep bond that allows them to work together in battle. Known as a Pech’ra, these critters are native to Pech – the ancestral home world of the Kroot, where almost everything shares a common, carnivorous, Kroot-y ancestor. “

Kroot Tracker Rules Preview

The Pech’ra isn’t just a fancy doodad on the Kroot’s model nor just a lore-bit. It’s actually got rules in battle, too. Turns out it’s kind of handy to have a bird that can scout around for you.

So far, it’s “just a Pech’ra token” — but there’s more to it than that. The Pech’ra can find enemies from their vantage point and then use their Marked for the Hunt ability on them.


I guess having a bird-spotter is a great way to find enemy targets trying to hide behind cover! This assistance could be very useful for denying those bonuses to the enemy. It could also making taking out your Tracker a higher priority. If your Tracker does go down then the Pech’ra token goes too. Something about two birds, one stone…you get the idea.

“This predatory duo act as a support operative during your games of Kill Team, helping your mercenary Kinband take heads and claim bounties. Like any good family, many of the Farstalker operatives provide synergistic benefits to each other – learning to use each one in concert will be key to victory. “


Are you ready for the Kroot to come hunting?

Author: Adam Harrison
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