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D&D: Have Faith – These are the Best Magic Items for Clerics

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Sep 16 2022

Want to make your Cleric simply divine? Grab the right gear! Here are some of the best magic items for Clerics in D&D.

Clerics have long been one of the stronger classes in D&D. They can fill an important role in any party: offering support magic like healing and buff spells that can enhance your allies or debilitate your enemies. With the right selection of spells, and the ability to wear armor or wield weapons, depending, a Cleric can take on many roles in a party.

You can’t really go wrong, playing a Cleric. And with the right magic items, you can go extremely right instead. Here are some of the best magic items for Clerics — any Clerics — in D&D.

Best Magic Items for Clerics

First, let’s talk about magic items that any Cleric can make do with. Unlike Fighters, they already have a ton of options. What most Fighters might need magic items for, they can just use spells instead.

But the one thing every Cleric wants is an Amulet of the Devout. If you can get your hands on one, not only do you upgrade your spell save DCs and spell attack rolls, but you can also Channel Divinity once more per long rest. Only Clerics or Paladins can attune, and it works with every single Cleric build no matter what. Any Cleric should go out of their way to get one if they can.

Otherwise, Clerics cover most of the gaps other classes face. You might pick something that gives you a kind of movement you don’t have access to. Like Boots of Flying or Slippers of Spider Climbing. But because you can cast spells and generally have good defenses as a baseline, you have a lot of freedom.

Whatever you go with, it’s all gonna be gravy. A lot depends on the kind of Cleric you pick. There are a ton of different Cleric options, but by and large, they fall into one of three kinds of Clerics: Spellcasting Clerics, Melee Clerics, and Support Clerics.

Let’s take a look.


Spellcasting Clerics

These are probably the most common Cleric type. It includes:

  • Arcana
  • Death
  • Knowledge
  • Light
  • Tempest

Spellcasting Clerics are the ones who use spells most in combat. These are the more offensively focused spellcasters, though they can do their fair share of support as well. But their class features support casting certain kinds of spells (for the most part, it’s weird that Tempest who are all about lightning spells, get Divine Strike) before anything else.

For these Clerics, naturally, magic items that make you better at casting spells are the way to go:

  • Imbued Wood Focus – These magical focuses add to your damage with certain kinds of energy. Pick the one that you use the most. Most Clerics will want Irian Rosewood or Mabaran Ebony for radiant or necrotic damage, but Light likes Fire, Tempest likes Lightning, pick the one you use the most and you’re solid
  • Necklace of Prayer Beads – Get a random assortment of 1d4 + 2 spells any Cleric would be glad to have on their list. As a bonus though, you can cast these spells as a Bonus Action. Imagine casting Planar Ally or Cure Wounds or Lesser Restoration as a bonus action
  • A Magic Staff – Your spell save DC is already going to be ridiculous. With a magic staff, you not only free up your spell slots, but you also supplement your spell lists with extra spells. Cast more, cast better, and you can’t go wrong.
  • Ring of Spell Storing – Again, turn today’s uncast spells into tomorrow’s extra gifts. Have the extra spell you need on hand.

Melee Clerics

Melee Clerics include, but are not limited to:

  • Death (Yeah it’s on both lists)
  • Forge
  • Nature
  • War

These Clerics use magic and class features to get right up in your face and hit you while wearing armor. Their class features supplement their ability to wade into a fight and either deal damage or endure punishment.


As such, you’ll want magic items that help you do exactly that. Here are some good defensive options:

  • Adamantine/Mizzium Armor – These magical armors negate any critical hit, which is even more important for someone who has access to healing spells
  • Armor of Resistance is great for anyone facing down opponents who can deal energy damage
  • Mantle of Protection or Cloak of Resistance
  • Ring of Spell Turning
  • Ring of Freedom of Movement, so you don’t get grappled

What about offensive options? Try these:

  • Mace of Disruption – a classic Cleric item, this lets you destroy undead outright, handy for your Channel Divinity
  • Devotee’s Censer – This magical flail counts as a holy symbol and deals an extra 1d8 radiant damage on a hit, and on top of that, you can cause it to emit a healing mist once per day, it’s the perfect Cleric weapon
  • Flame Tongue – If you’re going to be mixing it up in the melee, this one’s hard to go wrong with

Support Clerics

These are Clerics whose abilities are naturally focused on giving boons to your allies or controlling enemies.

  • Grave
  • Life
  • Order
  • Peace
  • Trickery
  • Twilight

As such, they can benefit from both sets of magic items. But they really get the extra mile when you pick options that let you keep your resources for offering support/healing.

  • Staff of Healing – Save your spell slots for the good stuff
  • Guardian Emblem – This magic item allows you to negate a critical hit on one of your allies within 30 ft
  • Cube of Force – Create a safe space for your friends with an impenetrable force
  • Reincarnation Dust
  • Ring of Temporal Salvation – Don’t die once per use, this item is essential if you wanna keep your healer up
  • Dispelling Stone – Toss a stone and negate a bunch of magic spells – the dream of every Cleric who doesn’t want to waste a slot on countering

But really, when it comes to Clerics, whatever you pick is gravy

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