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D&D: The Dungeon Delver’s Guide Kickstarter Is Live –

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Sep 3 2022

Build more and better dungeons with the Dungeons Delver’s Guide for 5E and A5E. Level Up your delves, make them legendary!

The folks from Level Up are back with another amazing sourcebook. Their newest, The Dungeon Delver’s Guide is aimed at both 5th Edition and Advanced 5th Edition (which you can learn all about right here). But whether you play vanilla D&D or prefer your adventurers to be crunchier, this book is an indispensable guide to that most iconic RPG concept: the dungeon crawl.

Dungeons and the delves through them have been a part of RPGs since their dawn. And the Dungeon Delver’s Guide is jam-packed with advice on building a more dynamic, compelling dungeon. But it has a ton of new options for players too. Let’s take a look!

The Dungeon Delver’s Guide – Kickstarting Now


This essential sourcebook for use with 5E and Level Up: Advanced 5E contains everything you need to create compelling and deadly mazes and lairs, and new player options for adventurers who want to venture below and return to the surface alive.

The Dungeon Delver’s Guide is a toolkit for anyone who wants to design, run, or explore dungeons. In the 300-page book, you’ll find all sorts of helpful tools for creating dungeons, making them fun to explore, and enticing players ever deeper into more deadly lairs:

  • New character options, from ratling decomposer druids to doppelganger shadow stalker rogues — 6 new heritages (races), 10 new cultures, 4 new backgrounds, and 13 new archetypes (subclasses)!
  • New gear, spells, and mounts to prepare your adventurers against subterranean threats.
  • More than a hundred clever traps, tricks, and puzzles that challenge players instead of punishing them.
  • Terrifying new monsters which populate the darkest corners of the world.
  • How-to guides for building satisfying underground adventures
  • A dungeon-building system to build unique, thematic dungeons and lairs, with rules for themes, a system for stocking the dungeon, and extensive random dungeon generators.
  •  Premade dungeons for characters of any level, ready to drop into an existing campaign.
  • A guide to the haunted cities and midnight seas of Underland, the weird realm beneath the earth.

You can check out the table of contents above. There’s three main sections: the player section, which includes new heritages, culture, backgrounds, subclasses, items, and spells. After that, the GM section is full of design advice and contains pre-made dungeons. All this rounded out with a treasury of magic items, monsters, and NPCs to make your delves truly rich.


You can find all of this at their Kickstarter, and you can even check out the intro to the book by following this link.

Back the Dungeon Delver’s Guide Kickstarter Now

Happy Adventuring

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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