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Let’s Play D&D With Bee and Puppycat

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Sep 7 2022

We may be unemployed, broke, and have a really weird, but we’re going on adventures! This week we’re playing D&D with Bee and Puppycat!

Bee and Puppycat is officially on Netflix. And if you haven’t been able to watch this show before because it was hard to find or you’ve never heard of it, consider this your official invitation to go check out Bee and Puppycat. An adorable and surprisingly deep show in a similar way to Adventure Zone, it follows the chronically unemployed Bee and her probably-an-alien pet that isn’t quite a cat nor is it a dog, Puppycat, as they take on temp jobs to save the universe. It’s a show deeply inspired by shoujo anime with an even cutesy-er art style. I love it. So naturally, we’re adding them to our net game session when we play D&D with…

Bee (and Puppycat)


I’m going to be honest with you, if you want to play a Bee and Puppycat-inspired campaign, there are better systems to use than D&D. Anything with a more anime feel or that will focus more on character growth and choices over ability and luck would be better suited to this style. But if your goal is to add Bee to your adventuring party, we (and your DM) can make that work.

Right at the top, established viewers of the show may take issue with Bee being ‘human’ on this sheet. Without saying too much, there is more to her character than that. But in D&D human really works for how average she is. And just like in the show, the rest of her background can be a mystery that slowly builds up in your game.

I also chose Barbarian for her, which is probably not what you expected from what looks like a magical girl. Bee goes from being a lazy twenty-something to a surprisingly effective (not skilled) fighter with pretty much no middle ground. And that feels a lot like a Barbarian and their rages to me. Also, we don’t see her using a ton of magic but we do see her swinging around a sword.

I chose Path of the Totem Spirit for her and made her totem animal the wolf. In part, because it’s closest to a puppycat I guess, but also because the abilities and boosts it gave over the other options suited Bee best. Which makes Puppycat sort of her totem spirit. Unfortunately, this would mean that he only comes out to help when she goes into rages. In reality, Puppycat should be there all of the time.


Ideally, Puppycat should be a fully realized NPC for the DM to use to guide Bee- and the rest of the party- as needed. He has his own powers such as “talking” to Bee in song and, at times, turning into an energy cannon. Because why not?

Have you seen Bee and Puppycat? Are you excited about its addition to Netflix? How would you make these characters for D&D? What show, movie, game, or comic should I make characters from next time? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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