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MTG: Warhammer 40K Black And Red Spoilers Mean Necrons, Noise Marines, And ‘Nids

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Sep 15 2022

We’re back with more Warhammer 40K: Universes Beyond spoilers. This time it’s red and black for Necrons, Noise Marines, and ‘Nids.

The Warhammer 40K crossover with Magic: the Gathering is looking better and better, honestly. When we first saw the glimpses of what the card art could be like, it was cool and all. But now that the cards are actually spoilt and out in the wild?

They are absolutely delicious. We’re looking at Black and Red today. With some powerful Necrons, Noise Marines, and ‘Nids, the Commander Decks are gonna be spicy.

Warhammer 40K Black and Red Spoilers

There are only two Black spoilers so far. But boy are they iconic. You’ve got the Dynast of the Necrons, Szarekh the Silent King. Of course he’s an Artifact Creature, but also uses black mana. He will mill your deck until you have artifacts and vehicles a plenty in your hand, wakening like the long slumbering Necrons on forgotten tomb worlds.

Then there’s Imotekh the Stormlord.

Imotekh commands the Necron Warriors to serve beyond death. And with his Phaeron abilities, they will keep coming back. And the longer you have them, the stronger they get. You’ll have +2/+2 on pretty much everything, even just a plain old Necron Warrior token.


Red, on the other hand, is for Noise Marines and ‘Nids. And leading the way, our heavy shredding Noise Marine. Not only does he cascade onto the battlefield with a free rider, he also comes with a sonic blaster that makes a big splash as long as you’ve cast a ton of spells. Which, you’re playing red. So you will.

And then we get to the ‘nids. Who knew Magic’s design team had so many Tyranid players. Seriously. But I’m not complaining. Just look at what Tyranids get. The Acolyte Hybrid up there feels very on point for dismantling the Imperium and its artifacts.

Exocrine shows up with a big bio-plasmic barrage. The more mana you juice it up with, the better it is.

The Red Terror, on the other hand, will just get bigger and bigger. With even one or two good turns, it will quickly dominate the tabletop. Just watch out for removal.


Screamer-Killer is a great way to make your big cards hit even harder. While Starstorm:

Represents the power of the bugs.

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