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Warhammer 40K: Assassinorum Venenum Temple

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Sep 19 2022

Today loremasters we speak of perhaps the most lethal of Imperial Assassins, the subtle poisoners of the Venenum Temple.

The Venenum Temple trains and deploys its assassins on behalf of the Officio Assassinorum upon receiving orders by the High Lords of Terra. The temple is presumably located, like most other assassin temples, in a secret location on Terra.

Venenum Assassin Overview

Venenum Assassins are experts of subtlety and poison. Its clade members wield toxins potent enough to quickly dispatch even the toughest of prey. Their Assassins were selected from the finest alchemists who could create exotic concoctions that could cause death without leaving any metabolic trace. Venenum assassins were said to have had the greatest level of success during the Horus Heresy.

Venenum Assassins wield Toxin Injectors and poisoned Hookfang blades

Venenum Clade Equipment

Toxin Injectors

The Toxin Injector is a type of weapon used by the Venenum Temple of the Officio Assassinorum which can kill even the toughest of foes without any metabolic trace.



The Hookfang is a type of poisoned blade used by Venenum Assassins of the Officio Assassinorum. It is capable of causing damage to the enemy far after the initial strike.


Notable Venenum Assassins

Drakan Vangorich

Drakan Vangorich was the 12th Grand Master of Assassins of the Officio Assassinorum in M32. A major player during the War of the Beast, he later oversaw a violent coup against the Imperium in an event known as The Beheading, ruling mankind for the next hundred years.

Vangorich ruled the Imperium as a tyrant, but an effective one. Terra was refortified, the fourth Founding of Space Marines was successful, and the armies of the Imperium rebuilt. The last vestiges of The Beasts hordes were swept aside. However after about 80 years of rule Vangorich began to become unstable, and a force convened to destroy him.

A strike force of 400 Space Marines from the Imperial Fists, Halo Brethren, and Sable Swords were assailed by 100 Eversor Assassins as they moved against Vangorich in the Eversor Temple on Terra. He was shot dead during the assault.


Urhua Thereaux

Urhua Thereaux was an Assassin of the Venenum Temple, sent to assassinate the renegade Planetary Governor Yawell in 563.M37. The ship Thereaux was travelling on departed but was caught in a warp rift which held it in temporal stasis for 698 years.

When the ship emerged, Thereaux and the crew were unaware of the temporal shift. Thereaux proceeded to the target, only to find the Governor long dead and replaced by an anti-Imperial committee with one thousand members. Given that the rulers of the world were still anti-Imperial, Thereaux spent three days poisoning each of the chairs in the council auditorium to kill all of the members.


Similar to the other Clades, the Venenum were formed during the age of the Great Crusade by a secret pact at Mount Vengeance on Terra consisting of the five other primary Clades that sought to eliminate the enemies of the Emperor in the shadows.

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