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Warhammer Day Previews: World Eaters ‘Lord Invocatus’ Revealed

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Oct 8 2022

The World Eaters are getting a new champion and he’s riding one angry mount. Meet Lord Invocatus!

If you were wondering if we’d see any World Eaters on this preview, well, of course we did! Although maybe not as many as I would have personally liked…we still got some good news.

Meet Lord Invocatus


This Khornate Champion is riding a Juggernaut and who’s rocking some chain-sword-esque headgear! Plus, there’s so much Khorne stuff happening on this guy it’s hard to really take it all in.

Even the head of this World Eater is the Khorne Symbol. He’s blinged out for the Blood God and collecting skulls for the skull throne for sure! And if you were wondering if he’s maybe inspired by an older model…

Oh yeah. For sure! It’s cool to see the World Eaters get a new character and he also happens to be on a Juggernaut which is even more Khorne approved.


I can’t wait for more World Eaters! Close Combat, here we come.

Author: Adam Harrison
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