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Age of Sigmar: Warcry – Hunters of Huanchi Previews

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Nov 22 2022

How deadly is a warband full of Skinks really going to be? Well, when they are Chameleon Skinks, turns out quite deadly.

Many of the warbands in Warcry really focus on beating the living daylights out of their opponents. While that works in it’s own brutal way the Chameleon Skinks of the Hunters of Hunachi aren’t designed to go toe-to-toe. These skirmishers are really good at hit-and-run and their poison attacks will grind the enemy down. But how effective are they? That’s what we’re getting a preview of today!

via Warhammer Community

“Chameleon Skinks are spawned with the blessing of Huanchi, the Predator God, and marked by Ulguan shadow-magic that allows them to blend in with their surroundings. Despite these preternatural skills, they aren’t the most resilient of Seraphon fighters – so the Hunters of Huanchi rely on ranged harassment and saurian smarts over brute strength to do their duty.”

They don’t look like much on paper but they have some dirty tricks up their color changing sleeves. For example they all come with a unique reaction…

They aren’t just good at slipping away either. They can also pin their opponents in place with a well placed roar.


The Chameleon Skinks also don’t fight alone. They have some flying friends to harass the enemy as well. These Terrawings are distant cousins of the Terradons. While they might be slightly smaller they can still cause some problems as outrunning them is a tough task.

These Terrawings also combo nicely with the Call of the Hunt. This ability brings them in for a peck or two and sets them up for a follow-up attack with those pesky beaks and pointy claws.

If you’re looking for a Warband that doesn’t quite play like others then the Hunters of Huanchi might be worth your time. Harass your targets, weaken them with poison, and move in for the final blow when they are nice and slow.


You gotta use your jungle smarts to win with these skinks!


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