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D&D: Five Ways to Make an Honest GP

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Nov 20 2022

Adventuring can pay the bills. But what happens if you find yourself between quests and in need of funds? Here’s five honest ways to make GP.

Money is one of D&D’s greatest superpowers. With it, a Wizard gains their spells. If you can afford them, you can buy all sorts of magic items. Bribe guards. Pay off bounty hunters—when you’ve got money the sky’s the limit.

Unless you’re an adventurer in need of funds. Material components can be costly. And after you’ve spent your last 300 gold on a diamond so you can keep the Paladin from having another “kobold incident” how can you afford room and board and rations? Don’t worry. We’ve got you, with five ways to make an honest GP.

Join a Guild

One way to make GP comes in your choice of background. Yes, you can already start with a job. More specifically, be a member of a Guild. The Guild Artisan (or Merchant) background, make you a member of a guild. One who knows, and can perform a trade.

You can absolutely invest some time in making money. With your proficiency in either an artisan’s tools or a valuable trade, you can bring in a few GP every week.

Get a Job

Never learned a trade? Not in a guild? No problem. You can always go out and find a job.

Per the rules on page 134 of in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, all you have to do is pick a skill. Choose between Athletics, Acrobatics, Tools, Performance, or a Musical Instrument. And if you can manage to roll a 21+, you’ll make enough money to afford a “comfortable lifestyle” for a week and bring in 25gp.


Engage in Wanton Violence

If you’re an adventurer, odds are good you’re very good at violence. And violence can be one of the best ways to make GP if you don’t mind risking your own health.

All you have to do is have good Athletics, Acrobatics, and a high enough Constitution modifier that you can beat up to three random DCs between 7 and 27. You can make up to 200gp by engaging in a bit of pit fighting. Fighters and Barbarians, step right up!

Get Rid of Excess Equipment

Look, you’ve been lugging around up to your encumbrance in rusty short swords since you waded through that goblin camp. You may as well get something for it.

Just sell that gear to a merchant that needs ’em. As long as they’re not too banged up, you should be able to get around half the list price for “found items.”

Invest in Cryptocurrency

You might be saying “hey there’s no cryptocurrency in my fantasy world!” But let me tell you: the rules for getting involved in crypto are right there in Xanathar’s Guide. Just look under the rules for Gambling!


You can make up to double the amount you invest. If you can beat your DCs with Insight, Deception, and Intimidation, this is a solid way to make GP.

Happy Adventuring!

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