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Venture Into Ananthia – A Modern D&D Setting With a Classic Feel

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Nov 23 2022

Ananthia is a 5E campaign book for Forgotten Realms which is steeped in the design of the rulebooks of old.

Whether you’ve been playing D&D for decades or are just starting, having a leg up on world-building is a great way to get the ball rolling on your campaign. Ananthia is a campaign setting guide filled to the brim with backstory, lore, history, and more. It is currently available for digital purchase on DMs Guild.

The book itself is 160 fully illustrated pages exploring the island continent of Ananthia. The highlight of the book is the amount of detail that each section gets into. Nearly every facet of the lands and people of Ananthia is given full attention to detail.

New Player Options

In addition to the new world of Anathia, the campaign guide has several new player options. Including new subclasses, new spells, new monsters, and a brand new Crystaleer class; a daredevil of the frozen wilderness.

Ananthia crystaleer

Expertly Crafted Maps

Each of the maps on Ananthia were designed by a cartographer, Edwin Menzo, to offer a realistic portrayal of actual natural environments. The landscape of Ananthia makes sense in a way that feels natural without random forests and lakes plopped down haphazardly.

The continent itself contains 18 sub-regions with 46 major settlements. Each one has its cultures, history, and status within the continent-wide storyline.

Highly Detailed Lore

Every aspect of Ananthia is part of the larger whole. Every city, culture, and region affects those around it to create a fully realized world. There is no better example of this than the Swamp Spawn. They are an unintended side effect of the drowning of the garden city of Wayrion by the demonic warlock with the self-proclaimed title of Overlord.

If you’re a fan of classic D&D adventure settings and trying to recapture that feeling, Ananthia is right up your alley. It has that retro feel with tons of lore and backstory without railroading you onto a certain path.

You can pick it up right now on DMs Guild or learn more about it on the Ananthia main site.


Author: Matt Sall
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