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Warhammer 40K: 10 Characters We Think Will Impact The ‘Arks of Omen’

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Nov 28 2022

The Grimdark Universe is full of interesting Characters. Here’s our list of who we think will be directly involved with Arks of Omen.

So far, Games Workshop is really teasing out this whole Arks of Omen event. We’ve gotten a handful of teasers so far and even seen the covers of 3 out of 4 books.

Today, we’re taking a guess a which characters we think will be involved and a few reasons why. With no new Match Play rules that also rules out any new models as well…or does it? Anyhow, we’ll be sticking with existing characters with models. So let’s get started.

Characters #1-3: Abaddon, Angron, and Vashtorr

I really don’t think we need to get into why these three are involved other than they are the literally the title characters for their respective books.

Kinda of an obvious callout and they all have models that have been revealed or are available so we’re moving on.

Now, let’s get to the guesses!


Character #4 – Belisarius Cawl

You know, it really wasn’t until the preview that I was thinking about Cawl for the Arks of Omen event. Remember that Vashtorr is borne of forging and creation of weapons of war. He’s the psychic collesance of those “emotions” as a chaos demi-god in the warp. When Cawl created the Primaris Marines Vashtorr likely got a HUGE power boost, psychically speaking. I think Cawl is going to be a key player if for no other reason than that. Also, he’s the probably going to be helping to figure out what’s up with all these Space Hulks, too.

Character #5 – Roboute Guilliman

On top of also helping with the whole Primaris thing, he’s kinda of the de facto leader of the Imperium, too. I’d be a little shocked if Roboute Guilliman didn’t show up in some capacity. What that capacity will be is still to be determined…

Character #6 – Ghazghkull Thraka

If there’s one Ork out there that’s got a big role to play it’s Ghaz. There’s something going on with him after his “big story arc” ended. With this event involving some big players I don’t see Ghaz sitting this scrum out on the sidelines. Could he be the 4th book character? Well, the Ordo Xenos seal could be a big clue. And Orks do like scrapping space debris together to form their Roks. Maybe those aren’t too far off from an Ark of Omen?



Character #7 – Illuminor Szeras

I was torn between Szeras and the Silent King but I think Szeras fits better because of his obsession with creation. He’s the one that’s been augmenting weapons and even the bodies of other Necrons. He’s an innovator and experimenter. And while the Necrons aren’t psychic powerhouses he’s “tests” could still be a contributor to Vashtorr. Afterall, many of his test subjects are exposed to lots of his “forging” and “creations” in his lab.

Character #8 – Yvraine

At this point we’re all still sort of wondering if this whole Ynnead story thread has been snipped or what. Seeing as how this whole event has some big, universal implications we figure why not have Yvraine show up? It’s also a very narrative heavy event, right? And sense we’re not expecting to see any new rules for the Ynnari we can at least get a nod that they still are a part of the Grimdark.

Character #9 – Kairos Fateweaver

As Tzeentch’s main bird, Kairos seems likely to have a role to play in this massive plot. There’s no way that Abaddon’s plans and machinations haven’t gone unnoticed and this seems like something Tzeentch would get involved with. Sending in Kairos Fateweaver and messing with prophecy and “omens” seems like something right up their alley.

Character #10 – Ûthar the Destined

Look, I dunno what’s going on with the Leagues of Votann rules wise other than nerfs. But hey, Arks of Omen is mostly narrative and with a name like that, a guy named “Ûthar the Destined” seems like a person who could be involved. Plus the Ordo Xenos seal is a clue and the Leagues (and their Cores) create and forge a lot of weapons. We’re just tossing this character’s mining hat into the ring.


Which characters do you think are going to be involved with the Arks of Omen series and why?

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