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Warhammer 40K: Astra Militarum ‘Cadia Stands’ Box Pricing Breakdown

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Nov 11 2022

The new Cadia Stands Army Box is coming to Pre-order this weekend. With a $200 price point, will it be worth it? Let’s break it down!

We know the price point of the new Cadia Stands army box. And we know the contents now. While we don’t have exact pricing on each of the units inside, we can make some educated guesses to figure out if the contents will be worth it.┬áIn fact, we’re going to do something slightly different. We’re going to use the current pricing of the existing kits to prove that this boxed set is going to be a good deal.

Cadia Stands Pricing Breakdown

Cadian Command Squad = $38

2x Cadian Shock Troopers (20 total) = $100

2x Field Ordnance Team (based on the old Heavy Weapon Team Box) = $84

Sentinel = $38

Limited Edition Codex (based on the cost of current Limited Edition Codexes) $90

Data Cards (based on previous Data Card Packs) $29


Total Individual MSRP: $379

Savings: $179

Again, I want to reiterate those kit prices are based on the CURRENT prices of the existing kits. You know, the ones that are about to get replaced by these newer plastic versions. And if you think the price point is going to drop with the NEW versions you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

The point is that even at the current pricing this Army Set is a good deal. I wouldn’t be shocked to see those kits jump in price by anywhere from $5-10 across the board. The Field Ordnance Teams are probably going to be Closer to $50 a box. And the Command Squad is probably going to cost closer to $45 or $50. There’s no way the new Sentinel kit stays at $38 either.

With the new plastic kits I could see the Individual MSRP cost kit pushing past $400 in value. So at a $200 price point that’s basically 50% off. Plus you get access to the limited edition Codex ahead of the wide release which is a bonus.


If you’re looking to start a new Astra Militarum army or if you’re looking to expand an existing force this Army Set really does seem like a no brainer deal. If I were going to start playing them I’d snag one — you want the codex and new models, right? I know I do. If you miss this deal you might have to wait for the eventual Combat Patrol box for the Astra Militarum. But based on previous Army Box / Combat Patrol combos those will be slightly different.


Pick this one up if you’re looking to play Astra Militarum!

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