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RPG: Happy Christmas Adventuring!

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Dec 25 2022

It’s Christmas, so mix it up with some holiday-themed adventures for D&D, and Pathfinder

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

  • D&D 5e Holiday Adventure – The Darkest NightTribality
    The Darkest Night is a holiday themed adventure where players battle an ancient evil to save Krinklefest. for four 1st level characters.
  • Santa Claus & Buddy the Elf Stats
    Why not brew up some eggnog, put on your elf hat, get the movie streaming, and play along with your own 5e version of ‘Elf’.
  • The Nutcracker DM’s Guild
    The Nutcracker is a classic Christmas tale of magic, mystery and sugar plums for 5th level. A retelling of an 1816 German story by E.T.A Hoffman.
  • Bag of KrampusUltanya
    Legend holds that Krampus captures terribly naughty children in his bag and then takes them to his lair.
  • Solstice Shenanigans: A Wintry One Shot – DM’s Guild
    The Winter Games are in full swing on the demiplane controlled by the powerful archfey lord of winter, Jack Frost. Games and challenges await the players, along with a baker’s terrible mistake and a bout of mysteriously disappearing trees!
  • Not a Creature was Stirring DM’s Guild
    Helpful and fun for beginners, this christmas themed adventure was created for new dms and new players.
  • The Christmas Heist DM’s Guild
    Assemble your heist team and steal the naughty and nice list from Santa’s icy fortress.
  • How The Lich Stole Christmas DM’s Guild
    Save the missing children and the day from Christmas swiping Lich.
  • Claus for ConcernDM’s Guild
    Oh, no! Santa has been bamboozled! Something is wrong in the toy factory, and the workshop is overrun with frosty foes, wintry wrongdoers, and North Pole ne’er-do-wells. A team of Santa’s elves manages to escape the workshop warzone and recruit a party of adventurers to go take back toyland.


  • Krampus Christmas Carnival Kobold Press
    3 part adventure available for free. Kobald says “The first Krampus in our collection lurks within the Pathfinder system.” (search for “krampus” for all 3 parts)


Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition

  • Santa Claus Monster Stats (PDF)Wizards of the Coast  –(Thank you Wayback Machine!)
    Stats for Santa and his helpers – straight from the horse’s mouth.
  • Christmas Elves D&D Wiki
    Just the thing when you have a LOT of presents to diliver and not a lot of time.


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