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Age of Sigmar: Gloomspite Gitz Battletome Overview

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Jan 28 2023

Time to send in the Gitz, Troggs, Squigs, an Spiders. Battletome Gloomspite Gitz will let you play how you want!

The Gloomspite Gitz new Battletome has a bunch of big changes. What sorts of changes? The chaos has moved from the book to the tabletop in the best possible way!


Gloomspite Gitz Battletome Overview

You’ve probably seen some of the changes to the Gloomspite Gitz already. GW has shown off a few previews:

The big takeaway from from these changes is pretty simple: Pick the Gloomspite Gitz subfaction you want and build towards that. And it’s going to work. Did you want to play with Squigs and take advantage of their more reliable movement? Go for it!



There are even support heroes that will allow your squigs to be even more effective on the tabletop. It’s changes like this that highlight how the rules have become less “lol random” for the Gloomspite Gitz and more chaotic for your opponent.



It’s a really cool change for the army as a whole — and it’s not just the Squigs. Spiders-themed armies are going to be scary. There’s a bunch of changes for them in the book and expect to see spider riders and Arachnarok Spiders make an appearance in a BIG way. Even your bog standard Gitz are getting some nice tweaks to make them easier to play but just as chaotic for your opponent to deal with. “Easy for the player, not the opponent.”



Oh and if you were a fan of the Troggs, never fear! They are still going strong and have gotten some nasty changes and tricks in store for your opponents, too.

Meta Shifting Army?

While the Gloomspite Gitz are certainly going to see a spike in usage along with a spike in win rate (they are objectively better than before) that’s probably not going to last. As players figure out what to bring their opponents will learn how to combat them. And while, yes, everything is basically better versions of the previous army, they still fundamentally play how you expect them to. You’re likely to see hordes (of Gitz, Spiders, Wolves, Squigs, mushrooms… etc.) or Troggs.

The things that folks were worried about before are still things that you should worry about. How you end of dealing with them may shift but, ultimately, the army as a whole didn’t break the mold so to speak — it’s better, but not game breakingly busted.


Personally, I think that’s a good spot for the army’s new book. I don’t think anyone is going to roll their eyes at you for bringing the “new meta hotness” with a Gloomspite army. In fact I think folks will really like to play against this army because it’s going to be a fun and challenging match-up. It’s not going to roll over and it’s got enough “chaotic energy” to really make the game fun for your opponent. I’m looking forward to games against the Gloomspite Gitz in whatever form they take — even Troggs.


Get ready for a new breed of Gloomspite Gitz coming soon!


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Author: Adam Harrison
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