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Horus Heresy: Sky-hunter Squadrons – Send In The Jetbikes

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Jan 19 2023

Games Workshop is unleashing the Sky-hunter Squadrons on the Horus Heresy. Time to load-up on the Jetbikes.

The Scimitar Jetbikes are getting a new kit and coming to the tabletop very soon. Coming in squadrons of 3 they bring the pain with lightning fast hit-and-run tactics and various firepower options. No matter which option you choose they can be wielded as surgical instruments of doom upon the traitors/loyalist enemies of your choosing.

via Warhammer Community


“A Space Marine is a terrifying prospect on foot – a gene-wrought brute clad in ceramite, who shrugs off enemy fire and wreaks havoc in combat. 

Now imagine a squadron of three of them hurtling towards the frontlines, mounted on jet-propelled flying death machines – a truly inescapable nightmare. Enter the Sky-hunter Squadron.”

The Jetbikes come with four different weapon options in the nose. The default option is a heavy bolter. This can be upgraded to either a volkite culverin, a multi-melta, or a plasma cannon. Each weapon system has their pros and cons and are designed for different targets. I, personally, think that a squad with multi-melta makes for a devastating tank-hunter squadron. That’s how I’d use them.


With all that speed they really can get where they need to go. And just as importantly, they can deliver their payloads accurately thanks to a few special rules.

“If they chose to engage in combat, they can unleash a salvo of fire before charging thanks to Relentless, score an extra hit at Initiative 10 with Hammer of Wrath, and subsequently disengage from any unfavourable combat situations with Hit & Run.”

Relentless really does help these Jetbikes do what they need to do. Oh and they also have some added defense with Shrouded (5+) as well! Keep these Jetbikes moving and they become one dangerous mobile threat!


What do you think of these new Scimitar Jetbike Sky-hunter Squadrons?


Author: Adam Harrison
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