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‘Houses of the Landsraad’ Brings Assassins, Navigators, & Kanly to the ‘Dune’ RPG

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Jan 23 2023

A new sourcebook, Houses of the Landsraad, brings the deadly art of Kanly to the Dune tabletop RPG. Assassins, poisons, and betrayal await.

The hallmark of Dune could be many things. The spice Melange, the great sandworms of Arrakis. Perhaps the many people whose lives depend on the trade of spice. Or the Imperium has transformed a desert byproduct into a consciousness-expanding civilization. But where there are people, there are plans.

And in Dune? Plans within plans. Which is what makes it appealing. A whispered word in the hall of the palace can bring ruin to a distant planet, well outside the Emperor’s shadow. And Houses of the Landsraad aims to move the action away from Arrakis, and into the darkness of the Imperium.

This new sourcebook will take players onto Kaitan, the Imperial homeworld, and beyond. It expands the games with new rules for vying for power. Including the deadly art of Kanly. Vendetta is still alive and well in the Imperium. Watch your back.

Houses of the Landsraad – $48

The Landsraad is the great council of the Houses that decides the fate of the Imperium under the will of the Emperor. Meeting on Kaitain, the Imperial homeworld, this chorus of powerful voices meet to make deals, craft alliances, crush enemies, and take vengeance in the halls of power. Here, whole worlds can be laid waste at the stroke of a pen and riches beyond your wildest dreams can be bestowed for nothing more than a promise of support.

The Great Game: Houses of the Landsraad is a complete 128-page supplement for Dune – Adventures in the Imperium that expands your campaign away from Arrakis into the vast and deadly Imperium. It offers the opportunity for your House to vie for power among its peers. Politic with your rivals, bring power and wealth to your House, and challenge your position among the most deadly powerbrokers of the Landsraad.

  • Comprehensive detail on the nature and politics of the Landsraad council and the complex relationships between the Houses that keeps the Imperium turning.
  • Secrets of the art of kanly, the rules that govern assassination by blade or poison, and how to manage a deadly war of assassins.
  • Expanded notes on CHOAM, with options and new talents for CHOAM agent player characters. Full dossiers on an array of the most important Houses of the Landsraad, such as the fallen House Richese, the aggressive House Moritani, the noble House Taligari, and the devious House Wydras.
  • A Navigator’s guide to the mysterious Spacing Guild and their place in the Imperium, with new talents and focuses for Guild Agent player characters.
  • Cross space in a moment in a Guild Heighliner, with detail on space travel and managing journeys across the Imperium, with or without the Guild.
  • New rules for building any of the ‘million worlds’ that can be found in the Known Universe or beyond. Create the homeworld of your House, your enemy’s domain, or a new planet ripe for exploitation.
  • A complete system for House management, allowing you to craft and build your domains, construct new planetary facilities, manage downtime, and gain leverage and favor from your peers as the power of your House grows.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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