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Pathfinder Sells Eight Months’ of Books in Two Weeks

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Jan 27 2023

If you’ve been looking at migrating to Pathfinder, you might have to go digital. An 8-month supply of Pathfinder Core books is out โ€” for now.

Paizo reported that a run of what was intended to be an 8-month supply of Pathfinder Core Rulebooks has apparently sold out as demand for more Pathfinder surges in the RPG community. Fueled in part by the recent Open Gaming sale, Paizo made the announcement on Twitter, along with news that more Pathfinder is on the way.

For those looking to get into Pathfinder, there are still plenty of options. From digital copies to the occasional “pocket guide”. Or else, you’ll just have to wait.

Pathfinder Surges in Popularity


Paizo’s announcement came early yesterday, along with their startling revelation. Pathfinder, reportedly the destination of many looking to try more fantasy RPGs, has seen a massive surge in consumer demand. Fueled in no small part by Paizo’s Open Gaming Sale, which offered a sizable discount on the 640-page rulebook that contains everything you need to get started playing the game.

Here’s a look at what Paizo had to say:


The community outpouring has been much more than expected. Paizo reported that they saw an influx of “many weeks’ worth of orders,” to the point where they have brought in additional hands to help with shipping. Folks awaiting their order may experience delays.

But that is because, in a follow-up Tweet, Paizo revealed that they had run through a huge run of PF2E core books:

“Additionally we have run through what was an 8-month supply of our Pathfinder Core Rulebook in the last 2 weeks, and demand on our Beginner Boxes is surging too. We have already ordered another print run of the hardcover Core Rulebook, which will arrive in mid-April.

But there are still many ways to get into Pathfinder. The digital version is available, and unless society has very big problems we’re not going to run out of .pdfs any time soon. I hope.

There are still plenty of Pocket Edition versions of the core rules. Though again, it’s not really “pocket-sized” once the book is thicker than a sandwich.

And of course, you can find Pathfinder’s rules available online at a variety of places. You can find it on pretty much any virtual tabletop platform. Roll20. Foundry. Demiplane. And of course, at the Archives of Nethys if you want to just jump in now, for free.


Happy adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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