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Upgrade Your Hobby Space With Accessories from GameCraft Miniatures

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Jan 21 2023

Looking to upgrade your hobby space from show boxes of paint and that old, dim desk lamp? Look no further than these helpful products from GameCraft Miniatures!

Not familiar with GameCraft Miniatures awesome hobby products? Today I’ll be taking a look at their smooth rotating paint rack, bright LED arch lamp, and anti-spill holders that can save you money on supplies (and clean-up hassle). All of these are flat-packed and easy to assemble. They’ll make your hobby time more organized and enjoyable. GameCraft isn’t limited to hobby accessories – they also carry tons of different games, gaming terrain, and miniatures too.

Check Out This Space Saving Paint Rack!

These paint racks have some great features. The best part of them is that they have the smoothest rotation capability out of any paint rack that I have ever worked with. To be honest, it is the only rotating paint rack that I have worked with, but the lazy-susan part of this rack is better than many kitchen lazy-susans that I have used in the past.

These racks come flat-packed, and they are extremely easy to build. The one on the left is for GW-sized paint pots and the one on the right is for dropper-style paint bottles. Here they are loaded up.

The most amazing part of these paint racks is how well they spin – really well. There are ball bearings in there to make it hyper-smooth, albeit a little on the loud side. Regardless, the fact that they spin so smoothly is certainly a selling feature. For a more in-depth review of these check out this article.

The GameCraft Miniatures LED Lamp

The other items from Game Craft Miniatures that I’m looking at are an arch lamp and a couple of anti-spill holders. I love that arch lamp so much that I got one for a friend and myself. That lamp is superb. The quick of it is that this lamp is one of the not-so-quiet secrets of my great miniatures photos. I have a longer review here and a video of it below.


Anti-Spill Holders

Also on the desk from GameCraft Miniatures is an anti-spill water holder and an anti-spill holder for Tamiya glue. The Tamiya glue holder in particular I like. If you have ever spilled some of your hobby supplies, plastic cement is one of the many that you don’t want to get onto the wrong stuff.

The anti-spill water holder is self-explanatory, but this glue holder widens the base of your Tamiya branded plastic cement (or Limonene for those of you who also use that), so it does not tip over so easily. For a deeper review, check out this article or the video below.

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post was about bringing some awareness to some great American-made products that could help your hobby experience. Again, these are made by GameCraft Miniatures, and if you go to their site you will find tons of handy MDF products that they make. Also make sure to check out the many miniatures for a plethora of games. Looking for Bolt Action, Blood & Plunder, or many other games? They have you covered!


Thanks for checking out these products with me. They are really nice, and I enjoyed sharing them with you.

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!

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