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Warhammer 40K: The Astra Militarum Miniatures Spotlight

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Jan 21 2023
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We got our hands on the latest Astra Militarum wave and are taking a closer look at these models. Time to send in the Guard!

It’s a big weekend for the Imperium as the Astra Militarum are going up for pre-order. We got a care package from GW full of the new kits and Goatboy built them. Here’s a look at the assembled models.

Lord Solar Leontus

The new Lord Solar Leontus is a new character being added to the Astra Militarum. Honestly, as a model, this one looks like it belongs on the Age of Sigmar side of the house. If you removed the Aquilas and added some twin-tailed comet-hammers you’d basically have a Cities of Sigmar General. Oh sure, there’s the base that’s a crumpled Chaos-thing, but they have those in AoS, too. And yes, he does have a pistol…which they also have in AoS.

He comes on three sprues and if you’re an AoS player he’d make an excellent conversion. As far as for the Astra Militarum? Yeah, he’s a fancy-pants general on a horse! I’m not sure that I personally like the aesthetic there were going for here and maybe it’s the paint job…but it just seems out of place compared to the rest of the army. Not a bad model…just not my cup of tea.

Lord Castellan Ursula Creed

There’s no denying she is her father’s daughter. Not only did she inherit his tactical acumen, she also got his looks. And considering he was built like a pitbull…well, yeah. The model comes with a few different options between the head with or with a helm and the different options in the hands.


And I do want to give GW props for this mode as Ursula Creed isn’t outfitted like a pin-up model. She’s an officer in the Astra Militarum, she’s a Lord Castellan, and she’s here to win. Ursula Creed has an air of authority and she’s got an imposing stature — just like her father!

Heavy Weapons Squad

The Cadian Heavy Weapons Squad got a new update. The models are your classic Heavy Weapon Teams but with a new look. Each one is basically a miniature diorama now and you can really customize the look of each team. And yes, you do get the bits to build 3 of one type of weapon. Which weapons? It’s your choice of the following:

  • heavy bolter
  • missile launcher
  • mortar
  • autocannon
  • lascannon

This kit is packed to the gills with extra bits and you’re going to need quite a few for either the Squads themselves or as additions to your other Cadian Shock Troop kits as attached heavy weapons.


Rogal Dorn Battle Tank

And finally, we got a look at the big kit of the litter — the Rogal Dorn Battle Tank! This thing is a beast for sure. It sits between a Leman Russ and a Baneblade and offers enough build options that it’s namesake can be proud. There’s a BUNCH of extras with this kit, too. So if you’re looking for extra bits to spice up your army this kit delivers.

There’s also a funny thing about the chassis…the tank has an open undercarriage. I think that could be useful for someone who wants to get crazy with some LEDs or something but it was a bit odd from a modeling perspective. You could always get a square of plasticard to cover it up — but you do you. It’s a pretty cool kit and if you’re a tank fan it’s a must include for your collection.

If you’re curious about the other Astra Militarum minis out this weekend we’ve got videos on them, too:

There’s more Astra Militarum Kits out this weekend — do you have a favorite?

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Author: Adam Harrison
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