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D&D: Five Best Magic Items For a Perfect Getaway

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Feb 22 2023

Alright so things have escalated, and now you need to escape. Reach for one of these magic items for a perfect getaway.

You know, sometimes you just end up in a place where you have to make a hasty getaway for any number of reasons. Things could have gone horribly wrong. They could have gone horribly right. Whatever the case, when you need to get away, in a hurry, magic items are sometimes the only way to get everyone out safely.

And here are five of the best magic items for a hasty getaway.

Cape of the Mountebank


A classic escape item, the Cape of the Mountebank is perhaps the single best chance of a clean getaway on this list. With it, you disappear in a cloud of smoke. And when you vanish you vanish via dimension door which means you can teleport up to 400 feet away, sight unseen. Go through walls, cross chasms, and up in the air (if you can fly), there’s not much you can do once someone is that far away.

Ring of Invisibility

The ring of invisibility is a great item for making a getaway when you need it. It works exactly like you’d expect. Put it on and become invisible. And you stay invisible until you do something that makes you visible, be it an attack, casting a spell, or using a bonus action.

Once you’re invisible, it becomes a lot easier to get away. Though you’ll still have to actually make a stealth check to hide, otherwise everyone’s going to know where you are.

Carpet of Flying 6 x 9


Need to get away in style? A Carpet of Flying can carry your whole party. We picked the one that’s 6 x 9 feet for obvious reasons (it has the biggest carrying capacity) but smaller carpets can carry smaller parties.

Speak a command word and you and anyone else on the carpet can make a hasty getaway in the sky. Though it’s not the fastest flying vehicle in the world, so you’ll want to make sure your pursuers can’t take to the skies in response.

Oil of Etherealness

Oil of Etherealness will let you walk through walls. While covered in this oil, you become ethereal which means you can move around on the border ethereal plane. This lets you move through solid objects and see what’s in the plane you left behind (up to about 60 feet), so you can tell who you’re getting away from.

And your opponents won’t be able to perceive you at all while you’re on the ethereal plane. Of course, it does take 10 minutes to apply the oil, so you might want to ensure you have the time and space.

Bag of Holding + Portable Hole

But when you absolutely, positively have to get as far away from a place as possible? Put a bag of holding inside a portable hole. Sure, you’ll destroy both of these items. Still, you do instantly open a gate to the Astral Plane, that will immediately transport you and anyone else within ten feet of the gate into the Astral Plane before closing the portal behind you.


There are no guarantees you all arrive in the same place. It’s not the safest getaway, but it is absolutely the best getaway. If you can survive the aftereffects, that is.

How do you make a quick getaway?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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