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Kickstarter Highlights: Zine Quest is Back

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Feb 8 2023

Come check out some of what Kickstarter’s fifth annual Zine Quest has to offer!

Roboworld & Space Station M

[Bloat Games is] back with another set of 2 zines. They’re based on a Metroidvania-style game and a fan-favorite platformer from the 8-bit era. This set is Roboworld and Space Station M. Each is available in 5e, DCC RPG, SURVIVE THIS!!, and System Neutral rules. Each zine is estimated to be 30+ pages with over 20+ monsters fully illustrated and statted, and ready for the gaming table!

Monster Rangers

You are a Monster Ranger in on the greatest secret of the world: there are monsters among us. There are corrupt cultists heck-bent on hunting and destroying the beasts, and using their flesh in vile rituals. They must be stopped. It is up to you and your Ranger mates to save these monsters with your dashing deeds and marvelous majik! This Pulp tabletop roleplaying game is written for FATE Condensed, but it’s largely system agnostic.


The Facility is a game for one Game Master and any number of players. Take on the role of ordinary people, stripped of their memories, and trapped in a hostile and insane labyrinth of machines and interdimensional weirdness.

Can your escapees make it to the elevator at the end of the book and escape the maze, or will your robotic nemesis find you and end you down there in the dark? We play to find out. 




The apocalypse has come. The world has been scoured in the fires of nuclear Armageddon. Humanity teeters on the brink, feeble and gasping for breath. But adversity is the anvil upon which greatness is forged and now, at the end of all things, is your time to shine. Bug Out is a post-apocalyptic casual micro TTRPG, in which you must pit yourself against the hardships of a devastated nuclear wasteland. And survive among the smoldering ruins of society.

Oh, and also you are a swarm of cockroaches.

The Connection Machine

The Connection Machine is a science fiction RPG about attachment, trauma and the search for meaningful connection. Explore a dream-like world to create stories about hope, grief, shame, freedom, attachment and love. Each session of The Connection Machine is perfect for creating a powerful stand-alone story while exploring the dream-like landscape of the fourth dimension. Will your character be crushed under the weight of unseen dimensions? Or will they return integrated with their demons and better able to go forward?


Author: Mars Garrett
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