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‘The Last of Us’ x ‘Mario Kart’ Crossover You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Feb 6 2023

Pedro Pascal is a gritty Mario in an excellent SNL sketch. Oh, and next week’s The Last of Us episode is dropping early. Check it out.

The Last of Us adaptation has been a resounding success. The show’s debut was HBO’s second-highest in a decade (behind House of the Dragon), and viewership has continued to climb with every episode. Over six million people tuned in to the emotional third episode last week. The video game adaptation is performing beyond expectations. It should; it’s brilliant.

A second season has already been ordered, allowing writers Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin to further explore Ellie and Joel’s lives. The game has chapters we haven’t seen –  Last of Us Part II follows the pair into the future, and the Left Behind DLC explores Ellie’s life before a bite changed everything.


To capitalize on its success, fans of The Last of Us will get to watch the next episode early next week if they’re HBO Max subscribers. Episode five drops two days early on Friday the 10th on the streaming service and HBO On Demand – cable subscribers will have to wait till the usual Sunday release time on the 12th. The schedule will go back to Sundays the week after and remain till the season finale on March 12th.

It’s going so well that maybe HBO should make more gritty video game adaptations with Pedro Pascal… ok, maybe not. But maybe?


About The Last of Us

In The Last of Us, Joel, a tough-as-nails survivalist, is hired to smuggle Ellie out of a quarantine zone. Civilization has completely collapsed and is ravaged by an airborne fungus that turns people into violent creatures. The journey across the US is brutal, and the two must depend on one another to survive. All while dealing with their own problems and pasts. It stars Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Anna Torv, Nick Offerman, Melanie Lynskey, and more. The cast also brings familiar voices from the video games to live action.


Author: Mars Garrett
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