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Total War: Warhammer 3 – Patch 2.4 ‘Immortal Empires’ Updates

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Feb 20 2023

Patch 2.4 brought Immortal Empires to everyone with Total War: Warhammer 3. But it also brought other much-needed updates.

You have probably heard by now that the vast swaths of the Old World are open up. Immortal Empires arrived for all in Patch 2.4 for Total War: Warhammer 3. And with it, the full maps and factions from Warhammers 1 and 2.

But alongside the new patch’s best game mode, a number of much-needed updates have come rolling out too.

Total War: Warhammer 3 – Patch 2.4


Perhaps the biggest change is Immortal Empires. But a few other fairly substantive ones can be found not too far into the patch notes.

Notably, Karak Eight Peaks is now a ten-slot settlement for Skaven, as intended. Meanwhile, Malus’ quest battle for the Warpstone of Khaine is now in the Chaos Wastes, closer to home. Garrisons are no longer reinforcements, and start battles on the field.

A number of graphical glitches, including snapping models, clipping attacks, and more have been patched out. And a number of broken items work again. Here’s a look at a few more in-depth patch notes, going through each faction in detail.

  • Beastmen
    • Herdstone buildings Karaz a Karak and Black Crag now provide Minotaurs for recruitment at Tier 4
  • Dark Elves
    • Cold One Knights’ cloaks act normally
    • Dark Elf Doomfire Warlocks no longer break their arms on death
    • Rakarth’s Whip no longer glitches
    • Reaper Bolt Throwers now display the correct weapons in melee combat
  • Dwarfs
    • Dwarf ancester Heroes no display the correct unit category icon
  • Grand Cathay
    • Dragon-Blooded Shugengan’s porthole display no longer flickers.
  • Greenskins
    • Top Knotz leader Luggn Nine-Fingaz will no longer start with a Wyvern mount at Level 1
  • High Elves
    • Fixed Tyrion’s Sunfang Quest Battle functioning incorrectly in campaign… for real this time.
    • Two Shadow Warrior units from Alith Anar’s starting army have been replaced with a unit of Shadow-Walkers and an extra unit of Archers.
    • Fixed an animation issue causing High Elf Spearmen’s legs to clip through their clothes.
  • Kislev
    • Fixed an animation error wherein Tzar Guard’s capes would snap between idle animations.
    • Boyar units will no longer have a neck stump protruding from the top of their skull.
  • Norsca
    • Fixed a skinning issue on the mouth joints of Marauder Berserkers.
  • Nurgle
    • Heroes that were made to die after fulfilling their usefulness (such as Nurgle Plague Cultists) no longer have the ‘Mentor’ skill.
  • Ogre Kingdoms
    • The Snowhorn of Mourn will no longer slide when turning around.
  • Skaven
    • Clan Eshin’s The Sudden Kill Scheme rite no longer provides two simultaneous speed bonuses.
    • The Skaven’s own stalking icon now displays correctly.
    • Reduced animation clipping on the Skaven Warlock Engineer’s skirt.
    • The Skaven Chieftain’s tails will no longer stretch and warp. Which must have been painful.
  • Slaanesh
    • Fixed animation clipping on N’Kari’s cloak.
    • Fixed an animation error wherein Fiend of Slaanesh’s clothes would clip during idle animations.
    • Fixed missing textures for the Marauders of Slaanesh.
    • Fixed the stretched facial graphics on the Slaanesh Alluresses.
  • The Empire
    • Huntsman General’s stumps now display correctly. 
    • Empire Knights on horses will no longer detach unnaturally. 
    • Free Company Militia units can now be dismembered properly.
  • Tzeentech
    • Iridescent Horror (Metal) now displays the correct assault unit hero details on the campaign map.
    • Iridescent Horror’s tiaras no longer clip through their faces.
  • Vampire Coast
    • Fixed level of detail issues on Carronades that cause them to darken at distance.
  • Warriors of Chaos
    • Mirror Guard units no longer accrue the blood of their enemies accidentally.
    • The Citadel of Lead now has the correct buildings available when occupied by a Warriors of Chaos faction.
    • Fixed an animation error wherein Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch’s cloaks would turn rigid upon death.
  • Wood Elves
    • The enemy armies for both the Throt and the Sisters of Twilight’s quest battles now display the correct Lords and Heroes.
    • Male Glade Lords’ pretty feathers can now be seen at more levels of detail than previously.

All this in Patch 2.4 for Total War: Warhammer 3


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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