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Goatboy’s Grimdark Armylist – Cogs of Vashtorr Goes ‘Eavy Metal

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Mar 16 2023

Goatboy here with the new Cogs of Vashtorr Army of Renown to mess with. It’s time to build a mean CSM army list just for the Arkifane.

Cogs of Vashtorr is the newest army from GW and you can see both Vashtorr’s dataslate and the Army of Renown below.  The list’s basic idea is that this lets you play Vashtorr and build an army of Daemon Engines that get benefits for being Daemon Engines.

The only true tax from this CSM army and Arks of Omen detachment is Vashtorr himself.  I don’t like his rules but love the model and while he is kinda meh, he is actually okish in this army.  I think the biggest issue is that he is kind of squishy so it could be hard to keep him alive and your Daemon Engines moving.  Still – he is pretty interesting and I think pushing a Giant Killdozer of Khorne might be worth it to run in this massed pile of nonsense.

With that – let’s get to building and see what we can get working.

Vashtorr’s’Eavy Metal

Arks of Omen – Chaos Space Marines – Cogs of Vashtorr
-Heavy Detachment-

Vashtorr  – Warlord – 260pts
Master of Possession – Mark of Tzeentch, Relic (-1CP) – Eye of Tzeentch – 120pts
Lord Discordant on Helstalker – Relic (-1CP) – Ul’o’cca, the Black, Warlord Trait (-1CP) – Flames of Spite, Baleflamer – 175pts
Warpsmith – Relic (-1CP) – Talisman of the Forge – 90pts


Venomcrawler – 105pts
Venomcrawler – 105pts

Defiler – Defiler Scourge, Reaper Autocannon – 175pts
Defiler – Defiler Scourge, Reaper Autocannon – 175pts
Defiler – Defiler Scourge, Reaper Autocannon – 175pts

Lord of Skulls – 575pts

PTs: 1955 CP: 2


Using the Cogs of Vashtorr

This is pretty simple – you can boost up your Lord of Skulls with the Feel No Pain and spells from the Master of Possession.  He is set up to have +2 to casting as well which should make Cursed Earth easier to get off.  The Warpsmith can heal things as well and your Lord Discordant can come out and throw a ton of mortal wounds on something as needed.  The Defilers are the muscle to push your opponent around as well.  Vashtorr – just tries not to die.

Seems fun enough and lets you push around Stompy monsters. Of course there is a Vashtorr plus 3 Lord of Skulls list you can do – but even I’m not that crazy…

Or am I?

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