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Horus Heresy: The Plastic Legion Vindicator Brings All The Boom

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Mar 9 2023
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If you’re looking to shell fortifications or laser down titans the Vindicator has something for you!

The Vindicator is probably most well known for its massive demolisher cannon in the past. But did you know that during the Horus Heresy era the Vindicator was a weapon platform that had a few more options for tackling hard targets? Games Workshop has announced a new Deimos-pattern Vindicator coming in a new plastic kit and it’s packing quite the punch!



via Warhammer Community

“During the Age of Darkness, it was common to fit Vindicators with magna laser destroyers to take on super-heavy vehicles and Titans. These batteries of up-gunned lascannons toss out more shots than the Sicaran Venator’s lone neutron beam laser, and trade the extreme range and destructive power of the neutron laser battery found on the Cerberus for the privilege of not occasionally blowing up in your face.”

Horus Heresy Vindicator

Yep, you’re reading (and seeing) that correctly. The Vindicator has the option for a crazy magna laser destroyers! And yes you can indeed take them in squadrons of three. And if you’re a fan of the classic demolisher option don’t fret — that’s still available, too.



On top of both main weapon options the new kit also has a ton of other great additions. There’s various pintle-mounted guns to equip, rocket options, and the iconic dozer blades. Whichever role you need the Vindicator to fill it’s got the tools for it. So the next time you’re storming the castle (or ya know, space fort or whatever) and need to do some remodeling to their walls remember the Vindicator with the demolisher cannon. Or if you’re looking to add some extra tank-hunting or titan-slaying to your roster then go with the magna laser destroyer option. The choice is yours!


Author: Adam Harrison
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