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Teach Your Naughty Dice a Lesson With These Dice Jails

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Mar 5 2023

Is your dice acting up? Teach it a lesson by letting it do some hard time in one of these polyhedral rehabilitating dice jails.

Sometimes our dice do what we want, but sometimes our dice act up. Sometimes our dice make us botch a roll that we should have had in the bag because it’s literally what our character is built for. When those unfortunate natural ones pop up and your dice are acting up, maybe it’s time to give them a few minutes of time out to think about what they’ve done. Luckily, there are lots of fun dice jails out there for this very purpose.

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1. Bad Dice Dice Jail

This design is simple, smart, and to the point. This one is a classic. Made of birch plywood with laser engraving and even a little lock for the door, this is a jail-shaped dice jail. If your dice have been bad, this will let them know. And in case they need an extra hint, the floor of this dice jail has a big red monster eye that’s always watching them.

2. Jail With Dragon

This is also a jail-shaped dice jail. It’s also a beautiful, to-the-point design and also holds quite a few dice in case there’s been some sort of rebellion in your dice bag. But this dice jail has a dragon keeping guard over all of your misbehaving dice. There will be no jailbreaks here.

3. Killer Dice Blob

I always love the dice jails that look like your dice is being consumed by one of your favorite monsters. I’ve seen a few with Gelatinous Cubes, and this is a really similar idea. Only this pile of killer jelly is less a cube and more an oozing mass. Either way, it’s a cute design and your dice is doing to think twice after spending some time in the jelly belly.

4. Dice Mimic

A similar idea, but if you prefer a Mimic to a Gelatinous Cube, this may be the dice jail for your table. This wood box is laser cut and etched to look a lot like a treasure chest… With sharp pointy teeth. It could hold all seven of your standard D&D dice if they’re all underperforming. But I’d hope after one did some time in the Mimic mouth, the others would start rolling better.

5. Time Out Chair and Throne

Sure, one of your dice is being bad today. But I’d bet another one is being good; you should start encouraging a little ‘friendly’ rivalry by picking favorites. This set comes with a time-out chair and dunce cap for your low-rolling dice. But for the one that’s always rolling high and making your character a hero? There’s a throne and a crown. Dice jails by nature are silly and unnecessary. But this one is just a little bit more so for the silliness of it all. And I think that’s why I love it.

Oh hey! BoLS might make a little dolla-dolla if you decide to buy these items. We need that money to bribe the guards in this dice jail!

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