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Warhammer 40K: Boarding Patrol Point Breakdowns – The New Batch

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Mar 17 2023
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With three more Boarding Patrols on the way we’re curious to see what they are packing points-wise. Time for a breakdown!

Games Workshop announced three more Boarding Patrols and we’re going to take a closer look at each one based on the points from the Munitorum Field Manual. As of publishing, that is the most current version of the points for the following three Boarding Patrols. We’ve got those points and we’ve got the Boarding Patrol contents so let’s dive in and find out how many points each is packing!

Boarding Patrols Points Breakdowns

Boarding Patrol: Adepta Sororitas


1x Canoness – 50 points + wargear options

5x Celestian Sacresants – 70 points + wargear options

9x Sisters Repentia – 144

x Repentia Superior – 40


10x Battle Sisters – 110 + wargear options

Total Points: 414 + wargear

For a fairly generic combo box this is packing a nice chunk of points and variety. You can’t really go wrong with the units in here if you’re looking to get started with an Adeptus Sororitas army. This is a quick way to get you on the road to having a full 2,000 point army. As mentioned, you could double down on this boxed set and it wouldn’t be a bad option. That’s a little under 1/2 of your 2000 points and the next 1200-ish points could be spent on the fancy units. Your list wouldn’t be set in stone either as you could go with more vehicles to transport your forces or more specialized units like Paragon Warsuits or Seraphim. And don’t forget about the heavier options like Exorcists or Penitent Engines.

Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes



1x Captain-General Trajann Valoris – 200 points

3x Allarus Custodians – 180 points

5x Custodian Guard – 225 + wargear options

Points Total: 605

The Adeptus Custodes are consistently one of the most point-dense armies out there. They pack a LOT of points in per model so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this box with only 9 models is clocking in at 605 points before you add any wargear. Trajann Valoris does make for a good warlord for your army as he is the Captain-General afterall. As far as next steps, I’d probably only get one copy of this box if I were going for a Custodes Army. I’d also take a good look at their points and build out the rest of my army on paper before I moved on to purchasing. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like because they are so points-dense you can quickly find yourself committed to a particular build or playstyle with the Custodes.

Personally, I’ve always liked the Dawneagle Jetbike army. If I really wanted to build that route then I don’t even know if I’d want to start with this Boarding Patrol force. But if was going for a more balanced army I might start here and then look to filling out the troop slots with more Custodian Guard and then add in the Dawneagle Jetbikes. Another option would be to add more Allarus Custodians as they also pack a heckuva punch! And then there’s transportation to consider as well. The point is plan your army wisely before you start picking up Custodes boxes.


Boarding Patrol: The Thousand Sons


20 x Rubric Marines – 420 points + wargear options

2x Chaos Spawn – 42 points

Points Total: 462 points

It doesn’t really get any more meat and potatoes than this style of Boarding Patrol box. It’s just a whole bunch of basic troops with a sprinkle of Chaos Spawn for kicks — or the random chance you turn an enemy into Chaos Spawn. But if that happens you really just needed the models and didn’t even add them in your army roster at the start. But that’s not the point here! Anyhow, With this box you’ve got the absolute basics for a Thousand Sons army in terms of troops. You really need to add in some character to this list. And by character I mean some HQ options.


There’s the obvious call for Ahriman but there’s also Exalted Sorcerers or the Infernal Master to add. If you wanted to go big you could go for a Sorcerer in Terminator Armour or even a Daemon Prince. As for the next steps from there you have to figure out what sort of army you really want as you’re still at the bare-bones stage. Do you want to add some beef with the Scarab Occult Terminators? Maybe you want to toss in some Tzaangors for cheaper objective takers? More Rubric Marines is also a valid option. You’ve also got access to some of the might chaos daemon engines out there. And for the heavy hitters you’ve even got a Daemon Prince Primarch in Magnus to consider.

All of these Boarding Patrols are a great starting point for all three of their respective armies. They bring the basics and it’s up to you to add more flavor to get to 2k!

Author: Adam Harrison
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