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Warhammer 40K Meta Hotness: Ork Deff Dread!

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Mar 15 2023

The Ork Deff Dread isn’t the best dreadnought on the 40K tabletop but it is a cool one, and it’s making a comeback.

Ork Deff Dreads are one of the few things you can take in a Squadron so while they are not nearly as powerful as some of the Marine ones – you do get a chance to take a ton of them to pressure your opponent into oblivion.

Orks have really pushed the idea of pressure from the beginning.  They are fast, hit extremely hard and are somewhat annoying to remove out of your way.  Each turn you spend trying to get rid of this dang ork infestation keeps you from actually winning the game.  You mix this pressure with some amazingly easy to score secondaries and you start to see how this army can have most of its stuff dead and still win the game.

Who needs tricks when you just get more points am I right?

Deff Dread 101

Take a bigger and stompier Killer Kan and let it be purchased in a squadron.  Now you got a ton of big stompy boys that can run up, get in the way, and are just annoying to get thru due to some fun interaction with Ramshackle and Orky nonsense.  Oh – and if they are Goff they actually can hit pretty hard with exploding 6’s.

Hey There Is an Ork In There!

Oh – they also can have some weapons that might hit sometimes.  This can be helpful as they flail around the field and just get in the way of things.  You get too close and the Deff Dreads get to krumping you in the face as it is still an Ork, it is mad, and Ghaz can tell them what to do!

Be Aggressive – Be Be Aggressive!

Look this army is designed to be a pain in the butt to a lot of things as a Dreadnought can be hard to chew thru.  You add in 6+ Deff Dreads and it starts to be even more annoying.  You add in something big that might take more attention to get rid of and these monsters get to move up the table, get in the way, and become a real problem if you left them alone too long.  Plus they totally will ruin your apartment with all the oil they spill around the place.


Ork Deff Dread Sample List

Andreas “Drachmann” Holm Hegaard took this to a 4th place finish at the Midtcon Tournament this past weekend.  It seems 9th edition has really turned into the pressure edition and a ton of stompy boys will pressure you to stay in your zone.

Deff Dread List

Arks of Omen Compulsory Type: Heavy Support
Clan Kultur: Goffs
Heroic Support: Speedboss (-1CP)



Warboss m. Big Choppa + Headwoppa’s Killchoppa (Relic -1CP) + Kombi Scorcha [Warlord] (90 pts)
Warboss on Warbike m. Powerklaw + KillaKlaw (Relic -1CP) + Brutal but Kunnin’ (Big Boss Strategem -1 CP) (115 pts)


9 x Boyz + Nob m. Dual Choppa (80 pts)
9 x Boyz + Nob m. Dual Choppa (80 pts)
9 x Boyz + Nob m. Dual Choppa (80 pts)
10 x Gretchin (40 pts)
10 x Gretchin (40 pts)


4 Kommandos + Nob m. Powerklaw (60 pts)
4 Kommandos + Nob m. Powerklaw (60 pts)

Fast Attack

4 x Stormboyz + Nob m. Dual Choppa (50 pts)
4 x Stormboyz + Nob m. Dual Choppa (50 pts)



3 x Deffdreads m. 4 x Klaw, Specialist Mob: Big Krumpaz (255 pts)
2 x Deffdreads m. 4 x Klaw (170 pts)
1 x Deffdreads m. 4 x Klaw (85 pts)
4 x Lootas + Spanner m. Big Shoota (70)

LOW: Kustom Stompa m. Deffkannon, Supa-Gatler, Kustom Supa-rokkits, Mega-Choppa, Twin Big Shootas, Big Shootas, Scorchas, Gaze of Mork (675 pts)

2000 pts – 2 CP

Ork Deff Dread Tips and Tricks

Just bring the pressure as much as you can with as many bodies to keep your opponent stuck in.  They can’t get around them all the time, chew thru them all, and they take up a ton of space.  While the rest of your army is scoring your points these guys are there to do what they do best – wreck things with chain claw things for Mork or is it Gork?!


My other car is a Battlewagon!

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